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    HANIS ANDREAS  INSULATION SERVICES AGIA PARASKEVI - NORTHERN SUBERBS - ATTICA   Hanis Andreas, headquartered in Agia Paraskevi and has a 22 years experience, specializes in roof insulation, offering its services, consistently and responsibly, at the most competitive market prices, in the Northern Suberbs and all over Attica.   Our well-qualified personnel, based on his years of experience and technical knowledge, undertakes throughout Attica insulating roofs and other similar works, with emphasis on detail and quality of construction.   In the work we take, we use quality materials to ensure the best results for you, while the equipment of our company is of the latest technology and guarantees durability and durability. Trust the experts to ensure a healthy environment for you and those around you.        Our company provides a 15-year written guarantee! We are official partners of the company MONOTIKA ONLINE We serve the Northern Suburbs, Halandri, Papagou, Holargos, Agia Paraskevi and anywhere else in Attica.  


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    28is Oktovriou 32 - Agia Paraskeyi

    Our trading activity goes back to 1985, when we started with insulation and waterproofing materials, quickly expanding to all the "new technology" building materials of that time. In addition we established our construction branch, to support the application of insulation and drywall systems, into the building process. A few years later, in response to the special needs of the house building sector, we entered also in the fields of doors-windows, interior staircases and flooring, always collaborating with the most reliable manufacturers of these products. Kitchen furniture and bedroom wardrobes were added at 2005 to our objects. Today we can argue that our Company is the top-one in Magnesia, Volos, area, which can assure to her costumers technical know-how, quality, reliability and reasonable prices, in both commercial and construction fields, providing thorough services in the fields of: - Heat Insulation, Waterproofing, Sound Insulation, in residential and industrial buildings - Dry Wall and Ceiling, for inner space and decoration - Building Repairing and Improving - Doors and Windows, Wood- PVC- and Alu-made - Staircases, Wood- Stainless Steel- and Glass-made - Flooring, Solid Wood and Laminate - Kitchen Furniture of classic and modern design - Bedroom Wardrobes, sliding and opening We always aim at providing products of high quality and best value-for-money, to fulfill our clients practical needs, as well as their advanced aesthetic requirements. To do that, we collaborate with producers and manufacturers, who can present International Guarantee Certificates and we also give to our costumers an implementation guarantee. Our scope is to go forward to more fields of the building's specialties, always tailing the technology progress, in the interests of all those who kindly trust us. You will find us in our owned building, in the city core of Volos.


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    13 VASSANI - Volos
  • Building Materials Wholesale Attica - Argocement - Pan-Hellenic Bitumen Waterproofing - Inert Materials - Molding Attica - Irons - Machinery - Tools Pan-Hellenic

    ARGOCEMENT LTD was first introduced in the field of building materials in April 2010 and since then, despite the problems that have appeared on the market due to the crisis, a rising and creative course in all areas of its activity. Genima, the brainchild of a perfectly healthy and well-run family business, which also engaged in the sale of building materials, around 1970 with key inspirers, leaders and founders of its two brothers, Nikos and Yiannis Poulis, who quickly realized their greed. crisis, on the horizon of a market that was running uncontrollably and without a plan, in a deadlock as the country's commercial landscape had begun to turn gray and ominous for the average trader ... for the shop neighborhood ... district.   The original purpose of the company was to import cement and other building materials from abroad and consequently to sell them. For these reasons they expanded with stores and warehouses in Lavrio Attica, Pallini and many islands of the Cyclades (Kea, Andros, Anafi) and operated mainly in the area of ​​wholesale trade.   Today the company is based in the area of ​​Agios Ioannis Rentis, is active exclusively in the wholesale trade of building materials, continues to import materials from abroad and has ensured excellent cooperation both at supplier and customer level. Apart from the store in the area of ​​Agios Ioannis Rentis there is a loading warehouse in Koropi Attica and a branch in Pikermi Attica. Its commercial scope extends beyond the greater Attica region and to many Aegean islands, notably the Cyclades but also other parts of Greece.   The profile of the company remains family-run, and customer service in a friendly and professional manner is a daily goal and at the same time an incentive to move forward in this difficult time. The needs of new materials and the evolution of application methods require constant updating. That is why we regularly organize specialized presentations of all the new technologies, materials and applications we represent, helping you to plan such materials as well as how each application can work.


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    Tavrou 21 & Themidos 33 - Agios Ioannis Rentis
    6976886947, 6976886943
  • Charalambidis Nikos - Kiato Insulation - Kiato Roof Insulation - Kiato Thermal Facades - Kiato Thermal Insulation - Corinthia Arcadia - Construction - Meremetia

    The many years of experience on the difficulties and requirements of construction, along with the knowledge and use of new materials and machinery, the company HARALAMPIDIS guarantees permanent results in any problem of waterproofing, thermal insulation. The company is based in KIATO-CORINTHIA and is active in the field of construction and insulation. We inform our customers about the most appropriate material and its proper application for quality, cost-effective and long-lasting results. We undertake all kinds of insulation. Many years of experience, consistency and love for our work are what make us first and always competitive. We have specialized workshops and equipment suitable for any kind of insulation, Call us to come to your place for a quote and know that…. ALL PROBLEMS HAVE SOLUTION. WE SERVICE KIATO- ALL AROUND AREAS- CORINTH - ALL CORINTH. TRIPOLI - ALL AROUND AREAS - ALL OF Arcadia. Yours sincerely, Charalambidis Nikolaos


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    Papanikoli 38 - Kiato
  • Chatzigeorgiou G. Insulation - Kavala Insulation - Kavala Terrace Insulation - Kavala Waterproofing - Applications with Kavala Polyurethane

    We responsibly undertake all types of insulation indoors and outdoors. Service throughout Kavala and the surrounding areas. Affordable prices. Our company, following the latest developments in the field of thermal and waterproofing and always faithful to its commitment to reliable and low cost products and services, brings to our region for the FIRST TIME the unique GRACO - Reactor E-10 HP machine. Polyurethane spray systems (such as GRACO - Reactor E-10 HP) are a new technology that is constantly gaining share in the field of thermal-waterproofing due to its application speed, efficiency and effectiveness. Polyurea is used to seal surfaces of small and large requirements. The spraying process is similar to that of polyurethane foam, but the final product is an elastic membrane of high resistance to wear, sun, chemicals and aging. Depending on the requirements of each surface, the appropriate material is available. Whether it is for sealing basements, tanks, planters, rooms, floors, or for chemical laboratory or health chamber requirements, or as a substrate or as a final surface, polyurea is the most advanced method of coating and sealing surfaces and applications with speed. with many years warranty. Applications: Altars Swimming pools Tanks Underground Floors biological cleaning Food & Chemical Processing Areas Freeze chamber Truck Protection Investments Anti-corrosion protection of metals - Insulations Advantages of polyurea & polyurea spray systems: Thermal insulation and waterproofing in one application Perfect adhesion to the applied surface Application in old constructions Zero charge of the load-bearing structure of the building due to the very low weight per square Application speed, large surfaces can be covered in a short time. Long service life with zero maintenance Applies to hollow / curved surfaces or surfaces with architectural peculiarities It is applied on vertical surfaces and vice versa It is applied in winter - summer Minimizes leaks as there are no joints and joints Load resistance. It does not crack, it does not get dirty Resistance to very low / high temperatures Resistance to extreme weather conditions Reduction of CO2 emissions Zero ozone charge For more information do not hesitate to contact us… Use your imagination to create false ceilings with interest. Are you the type of person who gets bored? Are you very tired and need to do nothing at times? Do various thoughts revolve around your mind? For whatever reason you just want to look at the ceiling is a great reason to make it interesting. The ceilings are most often made because they just have to be there and their decoration comes second. Their most common image is a lamp for the luminaire centered on approximately and several imperfections, but with the use of drywall you can have a very nice result that combines different heights and different types of lighting. The design of the suspended ceiling can be made simpler or more elaborate, according to the desired result. If it will be a decorative detail or if you need more light in your space, if you want it to be impressive and the reference point in your living room, the sure thing is that whatever you imagine can become a reality. DECORATIVE ELEMENT Gypsum board can create recesses or protrusions, curves, slopes and combinations thereof. Just make sure that whatever you are thinking of making should give your space and not make it look smaller. LIGHTING COLLECTION Hidden lighting with spot, hanging light and hidden lighting. A big advantage of the false ceiling is that you can put as many lights as you want without visually disturbing the cables. SPACE NAME Use drywall to separate areas of different uses in single spaces, such as the living room from the living room. In this case, the false ceiling can actually work, allowing for a better design of the kitchen without restrictions, since the hood absorption pipe can be placed anywhere. OUT OF BOUNDARIES Cover more than one of your needs with style by exceeding the ceiling limits. Create a nice frame for your luminaire and continue drawing on the wall to place your flat screen TV or your favorite panel. TEMPERATURE-EVALUATION By using drywall on the roof, an entire heating and ventilation system of your space can be covered, which will again look neat, since only the inlet or outlet openings will be visible. The spouts are made in many dimensions and can be painted in any color of choice with electrostatic


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    49, Th. Kornarou Str. - Kavala
  • Costas Eleftherios - Thermal Insulation Margariti Thesprotia - Paints - Hardware - Insulation - Plumbing - Railing Materials Margariti Thesprotia

    Our company "Kostas Eleftherios" located in Thesprotia and more specifically in Margariti area, has been active for many years with the thermal insulation of buildings throughout Thesprotia. Also, in us you can find paints, ironware, plumbing, railing, insulation materials and many more at competitive prices. With modern equipment and specialized staff, we can offer you the ideal solution for insulating your building. Throughout the years we have been active in building insulation, we have undertaken and completed a large number of projects throughout Thesprotia. We serve immediate homes and businesses throughout Thesprotia. Margarita Thesprotia Thermal Insulation, Margarita Thesprotia Paints, Margarita Thesprotia Iron, Margarita Thesprotia Insulators, Hydraulic Margarita Thesprotia, Railing Margarita Thesprotia


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    Margariti - Thesprotia

    Light weight, insulation materials, stamped concrete, Volos, Magnesia. Our Company was founded in 1994 beginning with the production and manufacture of light weight insulation. Now, after 17 years, we have complete knowledge and experience in the insulation, but we have incorporated new technologies and applications such as polyurethane and polyurea, stamped concrete floors, sports flooring, epoxy flooring, etc. Along with construction and created sales and trade specialist building materials for new technology demands of modern building. All these years we have worked responsibly and established the issuance of written guarantees (the seal) so you do not ever leave uncovered some of our work. Always keep working in this way, to give our customers solutions reliable, affordable and guaranteed. We then ypefthina: 1. Insulation everywhere Press Production and application of light weight Waterproofing with bituminous Sealing with PVC - TPO - HDPE film Apply PU foam Application polyuria Waterproofing basements Exterior insulation (SHELL) 2. Floors Stamped concrete Industrial flooring Epoxy flooring Sports flooring And: 1. Commercial Building Materials & Colors


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    11, ATHINON AVENUE - Volos
  • ELITE KTISMA | Building & Insulation Materials - Keratea - Attica

    The company Stouraitis Elias & SIA EE has been active in the field of construction and transportation since 1985. The founder of the company is Elias Stouraitis. Today, the company expects to meet any need arising from the foundation to the repair of any building. We are updated daily with the latest developments in building materials and are willing to serve any requirements we may be asked. Having as our primary concern our excellent customer service we offer comprehensive services in the field of building construction and maintenance. Ask our qualified staff for any questions. We serve all of East Attica and in particular: Keratea, Kalyvia, Kouvaras, Lavrio, Sounio, Old Fokaia, Saronida, Anavyssos, Lagonissi, Vari, Varkiza, Koropi, Paiania, Fresh Water, Agia Paraskevi, Gerakas, Spata, Artemida (Loutni), Artemida (Loutsa) , Marathon. We also serve the Cyclades - Jia, Kythnos.   Our products are: Ready & reasonably priced!


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    2nd km av. Athens - Sounio - Kerate
    6936025865, 6936145600

    Insulation and building construction, waterproofing, thermal insulation of walls.   We serve throughout Attiki.


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    73, MONASTIRIOU STR. - Kolonos
  • Energy Roofs Euboea - Pappas Nikolaos - Insulators Evia - Chalkida - Kymi - Thermal Insulation - Roofing & Roofing Karystos - South Evia

      For insulation in Kymi and in general throughout Evia, call Nikos Pappas at 6972.326.911! It is distinguished by consistency, immediacy in project delivery and affordability. He has many years of experience in all types of energy roofs and insulation. He responds immediately to your call, for any type of insulation work, large or small. He uses only certified, high quality materials, which are individually tested, tested, high strength and perfectly applied. His motto: When building on solid foundations, you only have high goals. His years of experience and the know-how he has acquired make him suitable to give you specific solutions and tips for your problem.   Energy roofs are called roofs designed and built in accordance with the new Building Performance Regulation (KENAK). High thermal insulation and high air tightness protect energy houses from humidity and temperature changes and give the construction an unlimited life. When we say that a roof is energy efficient, it means that it is 100% insulated without interrupting its insulation. Sincerely, Nikos Pappas.


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    Kimi - Evoia
  • Gorogias Stefanos - Building Materials - Fireplaces - Stoves - Paints - Insulation Materials - Karpenisi Evrytania

    Insulating materials, sealants, construction - marketing, paints, varnishes, fireplaces, stoves, radiators, boilers, Karpenissi Evritania Fthiotida Aetoloakarnania. Consequently, professionalism, prompt service!


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    Kerasoules Place, 4th klm Karpesini Lamia - Karpenisi
    6975855109, 6974614341,6977233847
  • Insulation - Thermal Insulation - Santorini Thermal Facades - Roussos Panagiotis - Santorini General Renovations - Santorini Construction - Outdoor Decorations Santorini - Coatings - Plasterboard

    RUSSOS PANAGIOTIS SANTORINI INSULATIONS - HEATINGS SANATORINI TERRACE INSULATIONS SANTORINI SPOKES INSULATIONS SANTORINI CONSTRUCTION WORKS SANTORINI CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION GENERAL RENOVATIONS OF SANTORINI HOTEL RESIDENCES SANTORINI RENOVATION CONTRACTOR PLASTERS-PLASTERS SANTORINI SANTORINI RESIDENTIAL HEATINGS SANTORINI OUTDOOR CONFIGURATIONS PATIENT Cement paste Santorini The company RUSSOS PANAGIOTIS has been based in Santorini since 1990 until today with a successful course and is active in the field of construction and general renovations. We specialize in insulation - thermal insulation heat facades for many years with experienced Greek certified workshops. All the materials we use are the best and most reliable for our work and are certified with the approval of the European Union. Our know-how, experience, consistency and immediate service are what make us first and foremost competitive. The many years of experience on the difficulties and requirements of a construction along with the knowledge and use of new materials and machinery, guarantee permanent results in any waterproofing, thermal insulation problem. We serve homes, businesses, hotels and buildings, for total protection of all buildings from humidity and weather conditions Our services: We consistently and professionally undertake construction contractors in Santorini General renovations Construction works of all kinds Plaster coatings Insulation Thermal insulation Thermal facades Thermal insulation of houses to save up to 50% Energy upgrading of your building Reduce heat loss in winter Lower costs for heating and cooling in summer Certified thermal insulation systems High quality, durable and durable insulation materials. Waterproofing Roof insulation without moisture and mold Underground waterproofing Waterproofing of Tanks Pool Waterproofing and Insulation Seals Professional Refrigerator Insulation with Polyurethane Exterior insulation Multi-layer systems with insulation and aesthetics for your building Floor fillings Pressed cement mortar Applies to walls, floors, showers, built-in benches, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, swimming pools, steam baths, and wherever we want. It is waterproof, non-abrasive material and with the new materials we use for its construction it does not crack and crack Outdoor landscaping such as (construction of flower beds in courtyards) The experienced staff of our company with all the necessary means and the right equipment gives the best solution, even to the most difficult problems of humidity, and serves immediately where we are asked in Santorini. We aim for the right jobs and happy customers! Call us and ask for our offer at the most competitive market prices Guarantee and certification of thermal insulation Yours sincerely PANAGIOTIS RUSSOS the contractor of construction and renovation work in Santorini


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    Exo Gonia, Thira - Sandorini
  • Insulation - Waterproofing - Notopoulos Nikos - Thermal insulation - Save Program - Veria Imathia

    With years of experience, our company Notopoulos Insulation is able to solve any problem you face. Always with ISO certified and environmentally friendly materials we are able to offer you written guarantees Our goal is to meet your needs responsibly and at affordable prices. With a phone call we come to your project - space for appreciation, study and job offer.


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    Veroia, Plati - Imathia

    Vangelis Ninios, is based in Acharnes Attica and occupies since 1992 in the field of Painting - renovations - insulation. The experience, the constant updating of the surrounding modern development methods in the field of decorating, decoration and development of new techniques in modern and classic styles guarantee a perfect result. The combination of high quality materials and strength and art, guests are structures that meet their needs and blend with the aesthetics. Consistency, professionalism, prompt delivery of work, respect for the customer, warranty and competitive price, identifying the work.


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    5, G. VARELA STR. - Axarne

    Our company, AMONOTECHNIKI INSULATIONS / REPAIRS / RENOVATIONS, was founded by experienced technicians, with specialized application workshops, to cover reliably, waterproofing, repair and protection projects. Our experience, equipment and partners guarantee the longevity of our applications in private, industrial and public infrastructure projects. The systems of the companies we use are the most innovative and provide complete solutions in terms of cost and value for money. The characteristic of the company AMONOTECHNIKI INSULATIONS / REPAIRS / RENOVATIONS, are the high levels of aesthetics, quality of construction, and consistency in completion (set time schedule), always with complete respect to customer and needs. The main services of our company are: INSULATIONS Basement, Masonry, Pool, Tanks, Plant Rooms, Cesspools Waterproofing: Terrace - Basement (exterior - interior) Pool - Well Elevator Terrace Garden - Jardiniere Industrial Flooring Biological sewage and sewage Expansion Joints - Concrete Joints Thermal insulation: Terrace Inverted Thermal Insulation   REPAIRS: Industrial Floor Repairs Concrete Repair Seals - Welds RENOVATIONS: - Home refurbishment: We offer comprehensive proposals, always following your original financial plan. We undertake the renovation, repair, landscaping and complete construction of your home. Sheds, Plastering, Plumbing, Electrical, Frames, Tiles, Marble, Floors, Gypsum boards, Suspended ceilings, Pressed cement mortars, Closets - Cabinets, Doors, Rolls, Roofing, Cooling, Heating, Constructions, Heating - Thermal facades - Insulation of all types, Painting, House cleaning with qualified cleaning service. We undertake the feasibility study, the issuance of the required licenses, the energy certificate and the electrician's certificate. We are with you for every detail, from start to finish, always offering quality construction and durability. - Bathroom Renovation: For partial (battery replacement, bathtub etc.) or radical (removing tiles, sanitary ware, water supply - sewage system, old power lines, etc.) changing your bathroom , we will take off your old bathroom , the construction of a new plumbing, electrical and drainage installation, the installation of new tiles, mosaics & sanitary fixtures, radiators, water heaters or solar panels, bathroom furniture as well as changing your framing and oil painting. - Kitchen Renovation: We manufacture kitchens of your choice, with high quality materials, in a variety of unique designs, fulfilling your wishes and guaranteeing good operation. Design, design and creation of a new kitchen (removing all old plumbing, electrical, drainage, tiles, furniture, cabinets, construction, installations and new installations), painting and painting all the walls of the kitchen. - Store renovation: Our specialized craftsmen undertake the refurbishment of your business premises (shops, offices, hotels, etc.) with professional consistency and reliability. We create spaces in a style that you will enjoy over time, offering you work according to your needs and preferences, creating a crisp, high quality result. PENETRON LIFE TREATMENT SEALS PERMANENT INSULATION WITH PENETRON : AMONOTECHNIKI offers you permanent insulation and protection with the PENETRON system, an innovative and innovative method with active crystals that penetrate the concrete and permanently active throughout the life of the construction. Click on the link: http://www.a-monotexniki.gr/monimi-monosi-me-penetron The staff of AMONOTECHNIKI, have been trained by PENETRON themselves and have been certified for the proper application of the material, guaranteeing you permanent insulation for as long as the concrete exists. A-INSULATING Certified Partner of "PENETRON HELLAS" Contact us ... tel: 210.2846855 & 698.698.7433 e-mail: info@a-monotexniki.gr ... to find the right method and materials according to the financial amount you can afford. Sincerely, Constantine Metropolitan.


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  • Insulation Kefalonia - Priftis Constantinos - Thermal Insulation Argostoli - Lixouri Buildings - Sami Plastering - Painting Contractors Poros Kefallinias - Building Works Kefalonia

    buildings - plastering - thermal insulation - oil paintings - Constantine's premium. cefalonia paints & insulators of all types builder contractor clay, rosewood, kefalonia renovate business premises alostoli, elxouri, fiscardo, sami, poros, kefalonia I am a construction contractor and an excellent craftsman and, since 1994, have been active in construction, plastering, oil painting and building insulation, providing high quality services to individuals and professionals. I started in 1994 with the main object, the oil paints and insulation of all kinds (thermal insulation, waterproofing, waterproofing, wall insulation, tanks etc.). I undertake all kinds of Painting: Interior and exterior paint, even in high-rise buildings. Fresh - Spatula - Lacquered - Repulins Paintings on the facades of buildings, apartment buildings, villas, hotels, maisonettes, cottages, shops, offices, offices, public buildings, etc. Newly constructed buildings (interior - exterior painting). Wall decoration with special styles (Stucco Venetian, skates, sponge styles, crayons, kuranits). I create any style and suggest the best color combination to freshen up your interior or exterior. I use high quality materials, plastic, ecological or biological, durable insulating and acrylic paints and create excellent results that will surprise you. With modern techniques we always find the right solution for your every need. I undertake all types of Insulation: Insulation is called surface sealing to prevent water, moisture or heat from entering the interior of a building. So proper insulation by a skilled craftsman ensures us: a) In winter Very Low Heat Loss & Great Oil or Power Economy b) In summer Very low heat input & Energy saving up to 65%. Finally, insulation results in a neutral winter-summer temperature inside the building! Insulation is the most affordable solution for smart economy! My experience and know-how are guaranteed to provide solutions as we keep track of technological developments and offer responsible and professional services. I also undertake Buildings and Plasterings in new buildings and existing buildings, which require reconstruction, renovation and renovation. I see consistency, immediacy in project delivery and affordability. Immediately respond to your call, for any type of work, small or large. I undertake and deliver jobs in all areas of Kefalonia. Services: Insulation Thermal insulation External insulation Internal thermal insulation Exterior thermal facades Insulation, Roof sealing Insulation of buildings Insulation, Basement Waterproofing Renovations of professional spaces All types of paints Paintings Techniques I am at your disposal for any clarification. Sincerely yours: Priftis Constantine. building in Argostoli, Cephalonia - PLASTER Kefalonia, heat insulation Fiskardo, Sami, Kefalonia, painting Argostoli, Lixouri resource, painting Kefalonia and insulation of all types Kefalonia Contractors Argostoli, Lixouri SEALING Kefalonia insulation ARGOSTOLI, Business Premises Renovation Argostoli, Lixouri FISKARDO , hemis, poros, cephalons


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    Lakithra, Argostoli - Kefalonia
  • Insulation Materials Pyrgos Ileias - Oikomichaniki - Stamoulis Spyros - Paints & Varnishes - Insulated Roofing Insulation Pyrgos Ileias

    "OIKOMICHANIKI - STAMOULIS SPYROS" has been active since 2005 with its headquarters in Pyrgos Ilias, in the sector of retail and wholesale of paints, insulating materials, sealing materials and special structural applications. It was founded by the Engineer of the Technical University of Crete, Mr. Stamoulis Spyros and is staffed by experienced technicians. We have high quality products at the best prices from the leading Vivechrom, Neotex, Penetron, Mapei, Kraft, Bioclima, Pluvitec and others, helping the individual and the professional to meet his needs and desires. Infinite color combinations, as well as a wide variety of: Insulating - Waterproofing - Thermal Insulation Repairing - Resins - Admixtures of Mortar Floors - Floor Welding Materials Paints - Paints - Insulating Paints - Consumables We at "OIKOMICHANIKI" also provide complete work that insures, shields and upgrades your building energy and solutions for its construction and renovation. We offer quality, reasonable prices and complete solutions in the following areas: Insulations - Heat Insulations - external and internal surfaces Applications of external thermal insulation systems Waterproofing from foundation to roof Waterproofing of basements, terraces, balconies, rooms Sealing of planted ceilings - Green roof Waterproofing tanks, pools Systems of epoxy floors in industrial - storage areas, garages etc Static reinforcement of buildings with composite materials (Carbonaceous, Carbonaceous, Resin, Cement) Repair of concrete Floor construction & protection Industrial & Epoxy Floors Reconstructions and renovations of old buildings We serve Pyrgos Ilias and Western Greece, covering the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania, Achaia, Zakynthos, Ilias and Messinia, as well as the areas of Attica. For any further information, we are always at your service.   Yours sincerely: Stamoulis Spyros.


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    101, Patron Str. - Purgos
  • Insulation North Attica - MARTIN MARKOU - Roof Insulation - Outdoor Insulation - Indoor Insulation - Waterproofing - Thermal Insulation - North Attica

    Our many years of experience in the field of insulation, enables us to complete all work with excellent results and at competitive prices. Our teams with their perfect training will undertake all types of insulation of your home and your professional space with reliability and responsibility. Our know-how in the field of insulation but also our constant information on new techniques and new materials guarantee excellent quality work. We study your space carefully and after analyzing the needs of each surface we decide the most appropriate technique. Then with excellent quality insulation materials we cover the surfaces and take care of the smallest detail to avoid future problems. With diligent clean work, with reliability but also consistency we undertake: waterproofing of buildings building insulation thermal insulation of buildings thermal facades of buildings With the right insulation of your space you save energy and money. Yours sincerely Markou M. building insulation north suburbs of attica - thermal insulation north suburbs of attica - thermal facades north suburbs of attica - waterproofing of buildings north suburbs of attica - roof sealing north suburbs of attica - outdoor prefabrication 


    I. Grypari 3 - Keratzini
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