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  • FOTINI - KINDERGARDEN ALIMOS - NURSERY Dear Parents, Fotini Nursery and Pre-School was founded in 1997. Being myself an educator with extensive experience in the teaching of young children, I was inspired to create a different kind of Nursery School: a haven for children during those most sensitive and yet crucial preschool years. Paramount in the realization of this dream was my brother and co-owner, Dimitris Giannoudakos, who is well-known for his insatiable appetite for creativity and guidance, and for his belief in the importance of proper organization. Starting with the foundation stone of the building itself, we have managed to create a functional, happy, safe and elegant school, a place that feels like home. We paid particular attention to: 1. The educational curriculum, which respects the unique character of each child, encouraging the child to love school and attain a thirst for knowledge. 2. The individuals who make up the team at Fotini Nursery School – each one specially chosen according to a multitude of criteria, to ensure not only their professional achievements, but also their suitability for the position within the school. 3. To provide our staff with a motivating and yet calm working environment. 4. The hygiene and safety of the school and grounds, using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials; advanced fire protection, and continual maintenance. 5. To offer a varied and nutritious daily menu, approved by a pediatrician, and using only top-quality raw ingredients.   At Fotini Nursery School we welcome not only the child but the entire family, and for this reason we also offer: 1. Suitable stimuli to children in order to effortlessly fulfill their mental, emotional and physical potential. A healthy and age-appropriate social awareness is of the utmost importance, as the child who knows and values himself is able to rely on its own strengths to achieve goals, it understands its feelings, it is creative, and uses a variety of ways to express itself. Such a child will surely do justice to his mental potential, and to the opportunities that arise, which help it succeed not only at school but also in every other part of its life. 2. The necessary support to parents, to help them confidently cope with the tough demands of parenting through: a. Individual parent – teacher meetings. b. Individual parent – child psychologist meetings. c. “Parenting School”. Since the founding of our School, we have constantly watched the developments in pedagogy, listened to new social and family needs, and have always been available for open and honest dialogue with parents. We have taken note, analyzed and made the most of the experience gained so far, and continue with the principle that “the enemy of good is something better”. It would be our pleasure to have you visit our school for a more personal experience. Yours sincerely, Eleni Giannoudakou


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    46, SOLONOS STR - Alimos

    The nursery "MIKRES PATOUSES", welcomes you in a fully renewed space. Every child is special for us. We are there for their own needs, to help them find and develop their abilities and talents. Enthusiasm, sensitivity and love for children, prompted us to the operation of this station, where we will guide the child in his early school steps, socialization and discovery of himself, with professional responsibility and care. The spacious and fully equipped classrooms will help the little kids in their development, as well as our large green garden will give them the freedom to have fun and explore safely and securely. With respect, Tzortzi Anna Tzortzi Nikoleta Gouziou Ilektra


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    EPTANISOU 27 - Alimos