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    The Farmhouse ' Tsichouridi ' located in a beautiful hamlet Inoi, fifteen kilometers from the city of Kozani and deals mainly with breeding donkeys to produce pure and organic milk donkeys .   At the same time deals with rearing horses to produce mules , hoping to contribute to the persistence of mules from our country . Donkeys us when they are stabled move freely in a fenced area of about 25 acres , and fed with organic foods produced by us and controlled by license agency , and is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides , thus producing high quality milk and high nutritional value.   The properties of donkey 's milk is the closest to the human breast , known since antiquity . Aside from the brilliantly effective cosmetological of applications has important therapeutic applications in medicine but which unfortunately ignored . The milk produced is not available when fresh , bottled in bottles of 200 and 500ml and frozen at - 18oC for maintenance. There can send bottled milk across the country , the same day the mainland and after your request over the island Greece . The farm can be visited throughout the year , to enable anyone who seeks to know the beautiful , good-natured and kindly donkey who although have katasykofantithei during past years , will amaze with their behavior . Donkey 's milk is precious gift of nature. The value and benefits that provides skin is known nowadays . Usually a spreadable enough to have visible results in dry, sensitive, prone to poor healing , with alergikes sensitivities , wrinkled and aged skin , especially when looking for a regenerative and antioxidant effect on the skin . Because of its unique combination of fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 , vitamin A and E , rejuvenates the skin and prevents aging . The donkey's milk is highly digestible and rich in nutrients and is ideal when axantlisis , weakness, poor nutrition ( malnutrition ) , and generally mistreated the organization.   It can greatly improve the immune system as well as the establishment and satisfactory rates , contained immunoglobulins and lysozyme ( Ideally for women in pregnancy , weak infants and people in old age ) . The rich oligosaccharides do suitable for sensitivity to constipation , allergies and anisorropoia intestinal microflora . Furthermore, it is highly digestible and low in fat and casein. These and many other qualities make it valuable product with a wide range of applications ( such as in the prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases , skin diseases and allergies , liver function , etc. ) , and first-class milk formulas where that the mother is little or improper .   Clarified that the donkey's milk is not the drug that will miraculously solve health problems , or a drink that will cover all the nutritional deficiencies in the body , but a very important product that offers very great benefit to health, nutrition and beauty . If you manage to integrate in your daily life as part of a healthy balanced diet will immediately realize its beneficial effects . If again the ladies have the ability to apply with frequent rubbing the skin of your face and your body can make you feel and look more beautiful than ever making others around you to wonder about the change that has taken place over your . This wonderful donkey's milk , if you reside in Athens , you can get easily with a visit to the grocery ¨ ¨ Dipolis in Eftychidou 24-26, an excellent venue opposite the grove Pagkratiou with food products, and contact tel the 2114073592 .

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