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  • Education & Seminars Reiki Athens - Reflexology Athens - Therapeutic Massage Athens

    Sarantis Haloulos was born in Athens in 1965. He studied political sciences in the political department of the Athens Law School and later in Dietetics and Professional Reflexology. At the same time he trained in various methods of self-healing and self-improvement [Tai-Chi, meditation, reiki, therapeutic massage, shiatsu]. He is a trainer of the traditional Reiki system [Reiki Master] and a member of the Pan-Hellenic Reiki Association and the Association of Greek Reflexologists. He lives and works in Athens offering individual sessions and lessons either in his or her own home or living. For more information visit www.reikihealing.gr


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    12, Fokeas str - Athens
  • Ergastirion Evzoias - Massage Heraklion Crete - Sound Therapy Heraklion Crete - Body Wellness Services Heraklion Crete

    In Ergastirion Evzoias, the goal is to build the health and harmony of human existence. You can refresh yourself through specialized unique sessions that can combine to help you physically, psychologically, spiritually. You can get the best result through various types of special handwashing and / or soundtrack. Personal information I am John Priniotakis. Although I was born and raised in Athens, I always had an inner urge to live in Crete. So, a little bit of circumstances, little desires I have managed since 1980 to be a resident of Heraklion, Crete. Volunteer and young seeker since 1986 I have been actively involved in groups with philosophical and alternative quests. Somehow this has started for me a course of years of apprenticeship and specialization in arts and techniques that draw their roots in ancient traditions but also modern approaches and methods. My vision It all started at my pre-pubertal age. Feeling the value of the unselfish offer and the pleasure of giving in return, nurtured through the scouting values, and later of the Red Cross, I was looking to find out what would be the work that would give my fellow human beings health and relief from pain without drugs and surgery and to me the joy of offering. After many upsets in the professional field what I so wished I made. Malachi and Sonotherapy are the way I can touch the body and soul of my fellow man if he allows me to trust me, as one of my teachers said. But the best way to get the most out of it is to work and participate with a group of fellow travelers with a common vision, love for fellow human beings, sharing creativity and passion, full of health, balance, laughter, joy and healthy self-confident, with respect to nature and its laws, faith in true and courteous devotion, self-awareness, and deep trust. My Goals My aim and the aim of the Laboratory is to maintain good health and harmony in human existence. In the Workshop of Welfare, man is treated as a whole - totality. With the various handwashing techniques, sonotherapy, meditation and self-improvement groups, the receiver relaxes and comes into contact with his body. This helps to remove the limitations of the mind. In this way, better health, well-being, balance, self-knowledge, peace in mind, harmony in the body and immense love in the universe are achieved. This is also the desirable outcome of Ergastirion Evzoias.


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    1, Kariatidon str - HERAKLION

      I deal with practices related to relaxation, healing and rejuvenation of the body. These practices, such as the holistic - relaxing massage, reiki and reflexology, are based on the deep understanding of human holistic existence. The knowledge I acquired through many years of experience and education, have helped me develop an exceptionally beneficial massage for the nervous, circulatory, muscular and lymphatic systems. As a result, the whole body is activated, stress is eliminated and aging slows down.


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    MITILINI - Mytilene

    CURRICULUM VITAE My name is Chris Karampela and I am an English teacher. Greek-American, I spent about 8 years in the States where I attended university at Hunter College, Lexington Avenue, uptown NY and studied English Literature. On my return to Greece I started tutoring privately students-all different levels, from starters to Certificates, plus teaching scientific terminology, which culminated in establishing (in 3 years time) my own private Foreign Languages School in Varkiza, in the southern suburbs of Athens, by the sea. It was at that time-a ten year period approximately- that I became heavily involved in writing - essays, poetry, short stories, novels, literature in general, mostly about dream worlds and unfulfilled, frustrated undertakings so they can come into being..... Ι also established two consulates of two ex-English colonies here in Greece, Athens.I actually prepared all the business letters and made all the contacts with business people and the High Commissioner in England on behalf of the consul. In the last 8 years I've been actively engaged in Tour-guiding on the island of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Sea in the west of Greece- in the Adriatic and most recently I ventured on the Utopian, surrealistic island of Santorini where I passionately try to communicate the sheer scale of its absurd mystical beauty and glorified history to our spell bound guests who honour us with their habit. INTERESTS: a. Studies around lost civilisations like Santorini being the alleged location of the Lost City of Atlantis. b. Gentle music that stirs the heart and soul c. Nature-the mountains and the sea along with anything – (audible, visible,edible ) - traditional and mostly vernacular -food, architecture. d. alternative healing regimes ie Natural Therapies, Reflexology, Lymphatic Draining - I have had particular training in that- which matched with the deep esoteric proceedings bring about the miraculous results when I administer them in the most prestigious 4 or 5 star hotels where I am highly recommended. Actually they are designated as an exclusive means for clearing the aura and reinstating peace and harmony by curing ailments and even more -improving overall wellbeing. Harmless procedures which almost cross into the metaphysical!!! A placebo affect? We argue yes! An intuitive approach plus deep tissue finger pressure which produce tangible results in the arena of anxiety and pain relief. Pioneers of a Brave New World / of a New World Order. Sincerely yours Christy *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** INTRODUCTION My name is Chrysa Karampela and I am a professional masseuse-physiotherapist specializing in Siatsu. I studied in Geneva, Switzerland ten years ago, where I attended a two-year course in an international private school with a spa. Besides my studies in theoretical subjects such as Biology, Anatomy and Psychology I also practiced in ancient alternative healing techniques, i.e. Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Siatsu, Spine works, Holistic Face Rejuvenation, Homeopathy, Natural Fingertip Facelift and of course Rehabilitation treatments for injuries, chronic pains and aches, stiffness, headaches and general discomorft due to blockage of energy in our system. All these treatments use the best Mother Nature has to offer i.e. an extensive variety of essential oils, herbal extracts, remedial creams that help to achieve the best results. As far as work experience is concerned I have been co-operating with the most exclusive hotels on the island of Santorini over the past eight years, treating my much treasured customers either for therapeutic reasons or for relaxation purposes and literally creating miracles. A rich and rewarding experience that yields the best and often the most miraculous results for my cherished customers and myself, the healer. THE NEW VIBRANT YOU BECAUSE SEEING IS BELIEVING GO FROM DULL TO DAZZLING Take an hour exclusively for yourself without paying an extravagant price. An experience of pampering A touch of caressing breeze light and……sheer If you seek rejuvenation let me stroke a few drops of nourishing revitalising essential oils blended with a base oil onto your skin body and face to make it measurably firmer and smoother. Through my compellingly perfected technique of Siatsu I achieve a naturally toned body and texturised skin preventing not only visible signs of aging but mostly stimulating your natural self defense mechanism against stress and physical exhaustion. Luscious smells for sensual delights that disappear into your skin to give it suppleness and moisturisation. Become a lust object for your partner. Shiatsu philosophy: believes in the "vibrations" and thus delivers at abundant levels exquisite both physical and psychological benefits. Intimate urges Release stress and tension Develop the therapeutic powers within Remove headaches and backache Learn how to indulge in sensational pleasures and care Increase your susceptiveness Relax and forget about your problems Learn how to communicate with your body Get healthy and energetic Feel loved and precious Share the language of touch Retreat from everyday life to an experience of harmony, beauty and peace Full body massage plus special facial care. Particular essential oils are easily blended with the skin’s collagen that smooths away wrinkles. A real treat for your face, neck, shoulders and back for a stunning appearance in your bare shoulder dress. While working out the whole body I focus on certain muscle groups which are the reflective points of particular vital organs in an attempt to heal and reinstate balance and harmony. Surrender to the magical touch of the experts and let them stimulate specific key points on your feet to relieve pain, discomfort and restore flexibility in your joints. I co-operate with all hotels in all resorts on the island of Santorini. I come at the convenience of your hotel room. Shiatsu, massage, alternative treatments, lymphatic massage, reflexology, relaxation techniques, essential oils, massage with herbal extracts, rejuvenation therapy. ********************************************************************** We endeavor to provide nothing but the best.


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    FIRA - Sandorini

    Quality and adjunctive therapy, reflexology Athens. The new treatments are applied as follows: - Full Body Massage, Sporting and Stretching (Sports Massage and stretching techniques). This type of massage is invigorating, refreshing and encouraging athlete's performance. - Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage (Neck and Spine Massage ). The neck, back and shoulder massage is effective for proper circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. - Chinese Foot Massage and Lymphatic Drainage (Chinese foot massage, lymphatic drainage). The Chinese Massage encourages the flow of lymph and can help any age. Comes with a footbath and herbs. - Head Massage in addition to Ear and Hand Reflexology (Head Massage, Ear and Hand Reflexology). Includes massage and stimulates the area around the neck and shoulders. - Spinal Reflexology (Spine Reflexology). This specialized treatment is based on stimulation of the spinal column. - Hand Reflexology (Hand Reflexology). Indicated for patients unable to benefit from the foot reflexology due to physical problems such as amputation or thrombosis of the legs. - The Councelling Skills of Reflexology - Emotional Freedom and Techique (Skills Advisory) - Accupressure (acupressure and stretching) - Life Coaching Skills - Maternity Reflexology - Part 1 (Maternity Reflexology - Part 1) - Maternity Reflexology - Part 2 (Maternity Reflexology - Part 2)


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