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    The Boras Company Today The company Z. Boras and Co. O.E. is a modern production, processing, standardization and packaging unit for both buffalo and other meats in Livadia Serres, on an area of 360 square meters. Today, the main market for the company's products is Athens, followed by Thessaloniki. The products are mainly available in delicatessens and high-end restaurants. Our company participates every year in the gastronomy festival and in various food fairs. Historical path of the business The business of Zelios Bora began to be active with the marketing of pork, mainly local meat, from a small livestock unit in Livadia Serres. In 1987, in a butcher's shop of only 18 sq.m. small quantities of pork were traded from the privately owned 50-sow capacity unit which had an annual production of approximately 1,000 animals. The livestock unit expanded at the same time to the verticalization of production and its products slowly began to establish themselves in the minds of the local residents. Several years later, in 1993, Bora's butcher shop "moved" to another space of 60 sq.m., but in the same area, Seeing the progress of the work with increasing trends, the model of the local pork trade was doing well, winning consumers with a constant its quality, so the time had come to expand into beef. The butcher's shop now also traded beef, from specific producers in the area, in order to maintain, for the most part, consistent quality. There, in the mid-1990s, the company invests in the expansion of the butcher's facilities and acquires its own 180 sq. » the dioxin scandal is like a bombshell. The situation caused by the food scandal pushed consumers to local meat, as foreign meat was no longer considered safe. Until then, as Zelios Boras told Agrenda, consumers chose meat mainly based on the price, while the quality did not interest them so much. However, things changed drastically and consumers switched to local meats, which greatly benefited the business. Beef consumption tripled in one year. It was at this time that the butcher shop owner thought of going one step further and trying his luck with Buffalo meat. Mr. Zelios Boras is one of the first butchers who decided to offer buffalo meat in his shop. In 1999, when Zelios Boras in Livadia Serres, hung the sign in his butcher shop "buffalo meat for sale" most of the butchers in the area and his fellow villagers gasped. "Do you want to close the shop?", they told him. Initially, in fact, things were not encouraging for this venture, as consumers did not prefer Buffalo meat, because it did not comply with basic hygiene and safety rules. To . to further improve the quality of the meat, the animals were taken out of the lake water shortly before slaughter. The first test resulted in a quality meat, but the doubt remained. The need to find the right way to market the product was imperative. The solution came with a ready-made product, fresh meat was turned into crabmeat that was kept unchanged for a long time, the experiment was successful and the crabmeat began to gain "fans". At Agrotica 2004, another step was taken to consolidate the finished product. Other fairs followed along the way, and the Serra product spread beyond the city's borders. Future Plans The company's plans include the production of new products, such as smoked buffalo meat, as well as expanding its sales network both in the domestic and international markets.


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    LIVADIA - Serres
  • CHOIROFARM LLC Marava - Koutsikou | Pig Farming - Abattoir - Cutting - Meat Processing And Standardization - Cold Cuts Production

      CHOIROFARFM LLC  has been established on 1987 at Eleftherochori Trikala. A traditional family pig farm that started the business with love and managed to become known in Trikala. The new generation preserves the vision and insight and goes a bit further, expanding and modernizing the existing farm by improving the hygiene and raising systems and ensuring the living conditions of the animals (automated systems applied and new silos to ensure the nutrition). Our ultimate goal is the production of excellent quality Greek pork meat. In 2004, Konstantinos Maravas, creates a modern new facility (meat cutting, processing and standardization unit) in Pialeia - Trikala, coinciding the Hygiene and Safety Standards. In 2012 new steps has been made. Private Industrial Abattoir facilities established at Gate - Trikala. In 2013 a new pig farm established in Feki - Trikala, to meet the increasing market demand.  In Choirofarm LLC we are improving our services in order to keep our customers happy and we ensure you about the preservation of the top safety and quality products.      


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    Filira - Trikala
  • Friday Kebab Tavros Athens - MANOLIS KEBAP & SIA EE - Meat Processing Tavros Athens - Trade Kebab Tavros Athens - Meat Trade Tavros Athens

    Our company Manolis Kebab in Tavros deals with the processing and trade of meat. In our preparation laboratory we undertake the standardization of meat products and their wholesale sale.   Products: Kebab Political Kebab, Burger Politico burger Chicken Kebab Burger Donner   Our goal is the satisfaction of our customer from the quality and taste of our products, so we use only the highest quality meats tested by us to ensure and guarantee the product We undertake the trade of our products throughout Athens and after consultation in the surrounding areas


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    73 Irini Avenue, 17778 Tavros - Attica

    Our company produces cured meats & cheeses. You will also find dairy products, yogurts, sauces, salads, frozen potatoes, vegetables, meats, meat products, spices, rice, legumes, canned goods, oils, pasta, wines, alipasta, sweets and compotes.


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    29 LONG WALL, NEA KYDONIA - Chanion
  • Sausages Kalivia Attikis - TRIKALINES GEFSEIS - Sausage Manufacture Kalivia Attikis - Meat Production Attiki

    TRIKALES GEFSEIS Cold Cuts Industry Kalivia Attica The sausage factory "TRIKALES GEFSEIS" which is located in Attica and more specifically in the area of Kalivia, is active in the production and distribution of sausages. Our goal is to always offer the best products, prompt service and competitive prices. Contact the sausage factory in Kalivia, Attica for any question related to our products or to give us your order.


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    34th km of Athens - Kalivia Avenue - Kalivia
  • Serafim Zavvos - Meat Processing Company Nice Attica - Fresh Butchers & Steakhouses - Kebabs Ready - Burgeries - Meatballs - Round Doner

    At the top of meat processing and standardization is Serafim Zavvos SA, which has been active in the field since 1990. The factory is located in the area of ​​Avlida. It is a pioneering and state-of-the-art factory operating under the strictest standards and in accordance with European Union standards (HACCP). The technological adequacy of the plant is ensured by three basic principles. First, the continuous modernization of production equipment and the choice of the latest technology of machinery forming the production and processing chain. Secondly the knowledge and experience of human resources. Third, scientific quality control from the raw material to the finished product. The products produced by Serafim Zavvos SA have earned a leading position in the market. All of our products are made from exquisite and tender meats which, together with a combination of traditional flavors and traditional flavors, create unique flavors. The carefully selected spices and spices that are added to our range of products give a unique identity to the products by making them unbeatable in the market. On a daily basis throughout the production process they are inspected as well as regular quality checks are performed by specialized microbiological laboratories to ensure the quality and hygiene of the products. In accordance with the rules of production and maintenance, all our products are frozen at -45c to -60c, and kept at -18c until marketed. Customers who cover a large part of the market (grocery stores, restaurants, butchers) have recognized at Serafim Zavvos SA the consistency in service, quality of products and knowledge of the needs of any small or large business. . Each order is treated as unique and independent, thereby adapting the production unit to the customer's needs, depending on the quantity and type of order. BRANCH / FACTORY: VRISES VARYKO AVILIDOS, PO BOX 34100 AVILIDA TEL: 2262089805 - 89843 FAX.:22620 89854


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    16, Karaiskaki Str. - Nikaia
    6937318888, 6974741634
  • Traditional Sausage Tempi - Fokaidis Charalampos & Co. - Delicatessen - Commerce - Tempi - Larissa - Thessaly

      Tembi Fokaidis, with an interest and knowledge of years. Greek Sausage is a taste particularly delicious and dear. Of course, its composition changes from place to place, since dietary habits also differ. What is important, however, is the quality of the meat, which must be clean and suitable for processing. In our "Tempi" craft we use only fresh meat of pork, beef, chicken and sheep, fully tested and guaranteed. Also naturally dry onions, fresh leeks and fresh spices. We faithfully follow the traditional recipes, while our technology ensures top-quality hygiene and maintenance of our products so that they always arrive at the table of the consumer. It is a fact that every kind of meat has its own delicacy and certainly suits our choices more or less. At the entrance of the Tempi valley, under the shadow of Olympus and Kissavos, a breath away from Pinios, we created the state-of-the-art sausage and sausage manufacturing "Tempi". Our aim is to highlight the traditional tastes and create the authentic sausages of the Thessalian land. Based on our effort, the leading raw material and the guarantee of hygiene. Our company's goal is to capitalize on its high-tech equipment and the experience of its associates, developing its range of products with superior quality products that will characterize the taste and the sense of responsibility towards the consumer. In this context, our company has ensured that it fulfills all the requirements for the award of the HACCP & ISO 22000 Quality Certificates.  


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    Euaggelismos - Larisa