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    Energy inspector, Attica. Energy audit boilers, heating energy upgrade, energy upgrade air conditioners. The Construction Group SA was founded 1994 and is a specialized company dedicated to air conditioning and power systems. Designs, supplies and installs the finest art machines. Offers expert advice on any topic refrigeration, heating ventilation and air renewal at any place or residence or workplace. The Company's objective is to continuously update and specialization in climate to better serve those who put their trust by offering the best services for the benefit of the final consumer. For the purpose of the Company, the members work hard offering the following: Products The Company cooperates represents well known and reputable Nursing conditioning as:      - Panasonic's MATSUSHITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO Ltd Japan in mini split, machinery semi-central and central air.    Study  Each application-specific conditioning of Group Manufacturing SA completes the first part of the study of Society of Mechanical Engineers and applied by technicians with experience in air-conditioning.


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    PROTOPAPPA AVENUE 49 - just opposite town hall - Ilioupoli
  • Batsoulis Nikias - Mechanical Engineer Amaliada Ilia - Energy Inspector Amaliada - Studies - Installations - Restoration of Buildings Amaliada

      Batsoulis Nikias Μechanical Engineer Amaliada   BATSOULIS NIKIAS is a certified mechanical engineer, energy inspector in Amaliada, where he maintains an office. It undertakes the study, supervision and construction of all types of electromechanical projects of all types, in small or large projects, with consistency and responsibility. The experience and know-how that distinguishes us, the excellent quality of work, the deep knowledge and love of the object, as well as the consistency at the time of delivery of the project, ensured us in a short time a rich, complex and mostly satisfied clientele. The company is staffed by experienced partners and has all the necessary mechanical equipment to complete any project. We serve all of Amaliada and its surrounding areas, covering a wide range of engineering studies and applications. We guarantee an excellent result for your home or business. Do not hesitate to contact us and check out our services.       ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑΣ 49 - ΤΚ 27200, Αμαλιάδα | 6973305764, n.batsoulis.uowm@gmail.com      


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    49, Makedonias str - Amaliada
  • ENECON - Engineering Team Xanthi - Mechanical Engineers - Electric Engineer - Solar Panels - Heating Cooling - Electromechanical Projects

      ENECON Ο.Ε. Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Engineering // Xanthi   Enecon is active in the field of electrical services for the management of building installations, the redevelopment of business premises, renewable energy sources and energy saving section. It is a newly established company and it came as a result of a long-term collaboration of three engineers, with a philosophy and culture of continuous investment in new technologies, to offer its customers efficient and flexible solutions at the lowest possible cost. Enecon, aims to offer high quality and performance projects, establishing stable and long-lasting relationships of mutual appreciation and trust with our customers. Our clients include leading Greek and multinational companies operating in office buildings, shopping centers, retail networks, industrial facilities, as well as hotel and residential complexes.   Principles In order to improve our services constantly, we make continuous investments in new technology equipment, keeping our staff up-to-date around technology, we maintain a two-way communication with our customers and respond to their demands. We also monitor and harmonize according to law or directives of the European Union, regarding the compliance on safety and health at work and we are particularly sensitive to energy policy and environmental protection issues. The technical approach to each project involves initially studying on how each business operates and then making proposals to release valuable resources that can take effect on businesses.   Our Services Our goal at Enecon is the constant evolution in order to overcome the growing needs of our customers in the modern business environment. At Enecon we offer specialized services and solutions for electrical constructions, renovations of buildings, offices, hotels, shops and other professional spaces by undertaking the delivery of complex and demanding projects in terms of specifications and delivery time, ready for use by the customer. Taking into consideration the specific needs of each customer and having at the same time executives with extensive experience and know-how in the construction industry, the company is able to implement high quality electrical projects that are distinguished for the use of cutting-edge technologies and significant savings. Depending on the specifications, requirements and budget of each project, we cover the equipment of the professional spaces, using customized solutions or tested products of Greek and international firms. At Enecon we are specialized in the implementation of advanced technology solutions with the aim and effect of reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs of the installation. At the same time, we provide consulting and educational services as well as automated infrastructure control systems.   Areas of Technical Coverage Low & High Voltage Electrical Installations Grounding & Anti-Lightning Systems Lighting (indoors and outdoors) Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems Security Systems CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Power Supply Systems Electrical Generators Substations Industrial & Other Automations Building Control Systems Pump stations and more Advantages Competitive cost Immediate response speed and accuracy in delivery time Flexibility Ability to implement highly demanding and complex projects Security and stability and, of course, the mutual trust we have developed with our customers. Client List Sunlight Systems Thrace NG ΟΠΑΠ ΔΕΥΑ Αβδήρων Juwi E.E.A.Α.  Praktiker Public Kotsis energy MEDLAND  Carrefour Κομπατσιάρη Catering Ζαχαροπλαστεία Παπαπαρασκευά Valsami Catering Αγροθράκη Σταυρακάρας κ.α.   Our Team: Potamitis G. Electrical Engineer Tel. +30 6947703789  Email: potamitisg@gmail.com   Vellidis A. Mechanical Engineer Tel. +30 6978276152  Email: vellidisa@yahoo.gr  Vellidis A. Mechanical Engineer Tel. 6972254623  Email: vellidisanestis@gmail.com    


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    1, Parodos Sardeon - Ksanthi
  • Heraklion Building Refurbishment - Heraklion Energy Certificates - Building Permits - Arbitrary Settlement - Heraklion Technical Office Crete - Crete

    mechanical engineer Heraklion - Crete - Heraklion Building Renovations - General Heraklion Crete Renovation Heraklion Energy Certificates - Crete - Heraklion Bathroom Renovation - Crete renovation of Heraklion - Crete - renovation of Heraklion - Crete arbitrary settlement Heraklion - Crete - Heraklion Technical Office - Crete   Our technical office with many years of experience, offers you complete services in the field of design and construction of main houses, holiday homes, professional spaces throughout Crete. We are close to you every step of building a new building or renovating it. Starting with the design and construction permit and continuing to oversee all the work to achieve a high quality result and excellent durability within the predefined timescales. Always following all modern architectural trends and aiming at the best energy efficiency of the construction, we provide buildings constructed of high quality materials and carefully maintained and fully harmonized with the environment. With years of experience in the field of construction we have the experience to provide you with all the services needed to complete construction with the right specifications and with the least hassle of the customer. In detail, the services provided by our office are: issuing a building permit undertaking, reliably and consistently, all studies and the procedures required for its immediate handling continuous inspection and supervision during construction topographic surveys Crete energy certificates renovation of apartments Crete renovation of Crete country house renovation of business premises in Crete Arbitrary settlement of Crete The presence of our office in the field of construction stands out and this is due to the huge and continuous effort of all partners to follow the fast pace of technology and development in the field of materials and new applications. We are at your disposal to resolve any questions you may have regarding technical or operational issues and to come up with the best possible solution together. Yours sincerely Kapetanakis Michalis


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    Rodia - HERAKLION
  • Mechanical Engineer Ampelokipi - Energy Inspector - Markaki Eleni - Fire Safety Certificates - Energy Certificates - Energy Inspector Attica

    The engineering office of Eleni Markakis is based in Ampelokipi in the center of Athens. The range of our business ranges from the simplest renovations, licensing of shops, energy efficiency certificates, certificates and studies of gas projects, to the design and construction of state-of-the-art technological upgrades, air conditioning, ventilation and heating.   Through our work to win people's confidence and move forward into a new era of energy conservation and environmental protection.   Contact us. We are at your disposal for any information. We serve the center of Athens and the whole of Attica.


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    Zochiou 5 - Ampelokipoi

    Safety techniques - Mechanical Engineer. Inspector Non Destructive Testing Check & Adjust oil burner - Cleaning Boiler Certified trainer for OAED - L.A.E.K. (10735) Certified trainer of adults E.KE.PIS. / EOPPEP registration number: EB-10715 for theoretical and practical part in the 3115 class by STEP - 92.


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    9, ARI VELOUCHIOTI STR - Elefsina

    MECHANICAL ENGINEER PATRA - KOTSIOPOULOS VASILIS   The mechanical engineer Kotsiopoulos Vassilis has been based in Patras since 2004, specializing in vehicle type and machine type approvals and also serves nationwide.   He is a safety technician and offers his services to businesses of all categories on issues such as: employee safety, facility and technical safety, supervising the implementation of occupational safety measures and accident prevention, even research on the causes of accidents at work.   Maintains a technical office for the licensing of industrial facilities, laboratories, workshops, gas stations and gas stations.


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    EMMANOUIL PAPA 7 - Patras
  • Mechanical Sapes Komotini Rodopi Mustafa Ahmed - Plumber Plumbing Sapes Komotini - Electrician Electrical Installations Sapes Komotini - Maintenance Burners Sapes Komotini - Electromechanical Works Sapes Komotini - Plumbing Sapes Komotini - Hydraulic Works Sapes Komotini Electrical Works Sapes Komotini Rodopi - Installations Photovoltaic Sapes Komotini Rodopi

    Mustafa Ahmet MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOAP KOMOTINI RODOPI ELECTROMECHANICAL PROJECTS KOMOTINI RODOPI HYDRAULIC - THERMOUDRAULIC SAPES KOMOTINI RODOPI HYDRAULIC POWER PLANTS KOMOTINI RODOPI HYDRAULIC SUPPLIES KOMOTINI RODOPI ELECTROLOGIST - SOLD KOMOTINI RODOPI POWERFUL ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS KOMOTINI RODOPI ELECTRICAL WORKS - ELECTRICAL DAMAGES KOMOTINI RODOPI SOFT AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONS KOMOTINI RODOPI KOMOTINI RODOPI AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE CABINET ROOMS MAINTENANCE KOMOTINI RODOPI SOIL BOILER INSTALLATIONS KOMOTINI RODOPI  immediate service 24 hours near you with reliability and consistency in Komotini !!!!!!!! Mustafa Ahmet, a mechanical engineer based in Sapes in Komotini Rodopi since 2010, has been active in the field of electromechanical works, plumbing, electrical installations, photovoltaic installations, and private and professional air conditioning, as well as private and professional installations. trade of hydraulic equipment, with success to date. In our shop you will also find plumbing, batteries, taps, faucets, heating supplies, plumbing, boiler room supplies, piping, iron pipes, cauldrons, floats, etc. All this time we have had to show a high level of work both in the study of projects and in their licensing. Our work has the potential to cover the full range of electromechanical studies and licenses, from the creation of the business to the operation of a business. Our specialized staff immediately provides our services and serves wherever we are requested in Sapes Komotini, Xanthi, Alexandroupolis and all over Northern Greece, always aiming to better serve our customers with quality and consistency in the predetermined times from of the works until their completion. Our services : Electromechanical works Study, installation of gas Provision of technical security services Issue of protection certificates Store licenses Energy, industrial building studies Studies of electromechanical buildings and industries. Plumbing - plumbing - water supply - sewerage Solar systems Central heating installations - repairs radiator maintenance Floor heating Autonomies Burners maintenance of all types (oil, pellets, natural gas) Installation of boilers and condensing boilers for oil and pellets Heat pumps Electrical work Electrical fault repair PPC certificates are issued upon verification in accordance with European standards Electrical installation studies Power licenses and fluctuations Lighting studies Study - installation - supervision - licensing for interconnected & autonomous photovoltaic systems. Air-conditioning installations - repairs and service of air-conditioning units for homes and businesses (residences, apartment buildings, shops, industries, hotels) Our goal throughout the years we have been in the field is to create only happy customers and long-term partnerships. Call us and trust our technical office and we will respond promptly, with quality, consistency to the most reasonable market prices. Yours sincerely Mustafa Ahmet the mechanical engineer of Rhodope


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    11, Papastergiou Str. - Sapes - Rodopi
  • Security Technician Thessaloniki - Karadaglis Charalambos - Energy Certificates - Mechanical Engineer - Energy Inspector - Thessaloniki - Halkidiki

    Under current legislation, it is necessary to employ technical security even in enterprises with less than 50 employees. Being a Certified Mechanical Engineer with many years of experience, I assume the responsibility of being the safety technician of your business with credibility and responsibility. I make sure to inform you of all the obligations that apply to your business to ensure all the security requirements for the staff you employ.   In detail the services we provide: ► Consultative approach to the design, planning, construction and maintenance of installations, introduction of new production processes, procurement of equipment and equipment, selection and monitoring of the effectiveness of individual protective equipment, as well as the configuration and arrangement of workplaces and work environments production process ► Checking the safety of installations and technical equipment prior to their operation, as well as production processes and working methods prior to their operation and supervising the proper implementation of occupational health and safety measures and accident prevention, informing them the responsible Heads of Departments or the business address ► Regular inspection of jobs in terms of occupational health and safety ► Reporting to the employer any omission of hygiene and safety measures and proposing measures to counteract and supervise their implementation, as well as the proper use of personal protective equipment ► Research into the causes of accidents at work, analyze and evaluate the results of its investigations and propose measures to prevent such accidents ► Supervision of fire and alert drills to ensure emergency preparedness We serve by arrangement Thessaloniki - Halkidiki - Kilkis - Giannitsa - Asprovalta Yours sincerely Karadaglis Charalambos   Thessaloniki security technician - Halkidiki security technician Kilkis Security Technician - Kathryn Security Technician safety technician whitepaper - safety technician center Thessaloniki


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    Andreopoulou 26B - Thessaloniki
  • Swimming Pool Construction Lefkada - Swimming Pool Maintenance Arta Preveza - Energy Engineering - Mechanical Engineer Lefkada - Ntouvalis Polychronis

    Polychronis Ntouvalis, a certified mechanical engineer, has been active in the field of designing and constructing E / M installations, developing further activity in the field of energy studies and inspections since energy saving is a priority of any modern energy policy, permits, building inspection, air conditioning boilers.   Headquartered in Lefkada and a highly skilled staff, it provides complete services in the field of study and construction of technical projects.   STUDY - SWIMMING POOL - COMPLETE SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION - MAINTENANCE - CHEMICAL POOL - TECHNICAL SUPPORT   With the necessary know-how, years of experience and information regarding the new trends and achievements of the pool industry, our company has the ability to construct the swimming pool that you are dreaming of, assuming its entire construction, from study to delivery.   Saving water, energy, money, advanced filtration systems, our proposals, the realization of each idea, the high quality of the services we offer and the unique variety of products with full warranty and spare parts guarantee enables us to offer complete solutions for private but also professional spaces.   Services Construction of swimming pool Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Maintenance of Lefkada swimming pool, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Design, swimming pool design Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Pool chemicals Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Energy Studies Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Firefighting studies Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Spa, Hammam, Jacuzzi Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Energy Inspector Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Mechanical engineer Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza Electromechanical Projects Lefkada, Aitoloakarnania, Preveza


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    18 Stratou Tsegiou Str. - Leykada
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    - Kamandero



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    39 ZERVOUDAKI STR - Athens
  • Mechanical engineers Tyrnavos - Environmental Engineer

    Mechanical engineers Tyrnavos - Environmental Engineer - KAFFE DIMITRA We undertake public constructions with reliability and consistence.


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    31 ANALIPSEOS STR - Tirnavos

    SAMARAS and ASSOCIATES – CONSULTANT ENGINEERS is a technical company which was founded in 1999 and is specialized in the fields of licensing, studying and supervising electromechanical installations of technical projects ranging from private and public buildings to industrial and commercial enterprises. The company is also active in the sectors of organizing and certifying industrial products, management system standards for organizations and provides full services in occupational health and safety matters. SAMARAS and ASSOCIATES – CONSULTANT ENGINEERS is the leading technical company in the area of Northern Greece and one of the biggest in the country, possessing great market share and a wide range of customers of more than 4000 enterprises which have entrusted us to implement their projects. Our objective of providing complete and total quality services for the client is the core of our efforts. Rigid engineering backround, total quality driven services and deep comprehension of the Greek regulatory framework are key components which ensure the accomplishment of ambitious development goals. The accumulated experience, the vast variety of building projects and the wide range of sectors have made our company the most appropriate and reliable partner for Greek and multinational enterprises. The company undertakes the following projects: Study and supervision of electromechanical facilities and technical projects of every kind and complexity. Complete licensing of industrial facilities and commercial enterprises. Complete licensing of vehicle-related facilities (Gas Stations, Repair Workshops, Motorway Service Areas, Private Vehicle Technical Control Centers (VTCC), Car Stations). Project budgeting, licensing, feasibility and preliminary studies, construction-execution studies and supervision of Renewable Energy Sources projects. Environmental licensing and studies. Safety engineer and occupational physician services. Development and certification of management systems standards and products certification. With professionalism, confidentiality, credibility and responsibility: We study and implement the complete licensing of technical projects providing continuous technical and advisory support in every aspect and step of the procedures. We support our clients beyond the completion of project study and construction, predicting possible problems before they appear. We possess great expertise and a global perspective of our customers needs dealing effectively with every possible problem. We serve as a technical advisor for the biggest enterprising groups, as well as for the most important sector-based institutions and organizations maintaining the role of permanent advisor for our clients. We support and focus on our customers providing total quality services beginning with our customers' needs and achieving the optimal solutions for them enhancing our mutual and lifelong relationship. The advantages of SAMARAS and ASSOCIATES – CONSULTANT ENGINEERS are: Great expertise and accumulated experience in every technical matter having implemented a wide range of every possible project. Our staff which is highly trained, possesses technical know-how in the most updated technological evolutions and consists of engineers of different specialties and other administrative personnel. Our organizational fractures and internal functions while IMS technologies (ERP and CRM) enhance planning, control and customer management covering the applications of customers, human resources, documents, technologies, and procedures. Our great rate of success in every project we implement and the fact that we provide the most appropriate and guaranteed solutions to our customers. Our mutual and lifelong relationships with our customers providing them with total quality services and continuous technical and advisory support. The operation with the logic of "One Stop Shops" and the fact that customers deal with one single associate for every matter. In SAMARAS and ASSOCIATES – CONSULTANT ENGINEERS, a whole world of advanced know-how is at your disposal, to provide you with guaranteed results of quality and professionalism.


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    26st OKTOVRIOU 43 - Thessaloniki
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    - Palaio Faliro
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    - Axarne