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  • A. MAGAPA BROS | Textile Chalkis, Towels, Bathrobes, Sheets & Ladopanas

      A. MAGAPA BROTHERS Textile Chalkida Our textile industry, "A. MAGAFA" BABY, which is based in the area of ​​Dokos in Chalkida, was founded in 1967 and since then has been actively pursuing with the same love and love in the textile industry. It is one of the few Greek textile industries that produce their products in Greece using exclusively Greek raw materials, thus supporting the domestic economy.   In our modern privately-owned facilities (10 acres), using modern machines, we produce 100% cotton products such as towels, bed sheets and bathrobes for hotels, hairdressers, restaurants, gyms and all the needs of customers who need wholesale clothing.   We enable our products to display your embroidered or jacquard logo of your business with design and color fidelity to give your business identity unchanged.   We stand out for the high quality and strict specification of the products we produce, but also for the ability to cover any large order and repeat it at advantageous prices.         We ship our products all over Greece.   Our goal is always to be close to the professional by offering clothing products with evaluation criteria of excellent quality, durability in hard professional use and the strongest low price.   Our main concern is to respect the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace and to guarantee your business the right product at the fastest delivery times. Dokos, Chalkida Tel: 2221092592 E-mail: magafasbros@yahoo.gr

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    Dokos, Chalkida - Evoia

    Accountant office in Halkida. You will find us on the street MESSAPION 28.

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    28, MESSAPION STR. - Chalkida
  • Accounting Office Chalkida Evia - GOUNARIS A. GEORGIOS - Tax Office Chalkida Evia - Accounting Services - Tax Services Chalkida Evia

    GOUNARIS A. GEORGE Economist Chalkida Evia - Accounting Office Chalkida Evia Our accounting office "GOUNARIS A. GEORGIOS" which is located in Chalkida, offers accounting and tax services to individuals and professionals in Chalkida and throughout Evia. Our accountants, having a long course, are always at your disposal and ready to suggest you the ideal solutions for every accounting and tax issue that concerns you. By following all the developments in the field of economy, you can be sure that from us you will receive valid advice and prompt service. Contact the accounting office in Chalkida. We are always at your disposal.

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    Dimarxou Skoura D. Dio Dentra - Chalkida

    Adonis Hotel is located just 100 meters from the beach in Aidipsos. It has 25 rooms , fully equipped with a / c, tv, fridge and WiFi, internet. The 6 rooms are two rooms , kitchen and household equipment for preparing breakfast and lunch for our customers. Open from June to October . It is a family environment with daily housekeeping , private bathroom with shower and hairdryer . Luggage storage and safe deposit boxes , as well as there is free parking nearby. Ideal hotel for holidays with the best prices .

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    23, FILELLINON STR - Evoia


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    Place beautiful and fertile with lowland and foothill villages , orchards and olive trees surrounded by beautiful beaches , with important ancient and Byzantine culture , the area of the municipality Avlonos effects suffered conquest and immigrant populations . Cultures leave footprints in the built environment , in dialect and everyday habits. With love and responsibility , love and respect for tradition , a group of eight women in the municipality Avlonos Evia founded in June 2005 the Rural Women's Association named "AVALONA", the medieval name of the area . Activity of the cooperative is to prepare food based on traditional , authentic recipes that have survived until today . For the manufacture of our products use natural ingredients procured from local crops and follow the old procedures and recipes . Many and varied are the products such as: - Jams - Jams - moustalevria - soutzouk - Molasses - Trahanis - Almond - Baklava - Liquors - Pies - Seasonal dishes and anything else we asked. The Women's Cooperative municipality Avlonos trying to rescue the tradition of taste , defends the local products and offers a modern households daily , meaningful relationship with tradition and authenticity. Tastes and smells of our country , forgotten , we want to remind the traditional products they produce and the Agricultural Cooperative of Women "AVALONA" the municipality Avlonos Evia.


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    The Accounting Tax Office of Akron Accounting is based in Chalkida, Evia, where a team of experienced and qualified professionals responds to all kinds of financial and accounting issues. We provide comprehensive services to individuals and businesses and act as financial and tax advisers at every step you take.   More specifically we deal with tax returns (E1), ENFIA payment, land registry, taxisnet, allowances, pensions, stamp printing, business startups, company balance sheets, debt adjustments, IKE companies, EFKA contributions, NSRF and OAED programs.   We are always on the side of the individual, the business and the freelancer, always staying up to date on the latest developments.

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    Aliveriou 5 - Chalkida
  • Akrotiri Studios - Apartments Rooms to Let Pefki Evia - Accommodation Pefki Evia - Holidays Pefki Evia

    Akrotiri Studios are newly built. Located in Pefki - North Evia at the center of the village by the sea and offers modern apartments. The fully furnished rooms and attentive all configuration spaces, combined with the friendly atmosphere ensure your comfortable stay. Enjoy the sea breeze and the friendly atmosphere in the warm sand, a step ahead. Take your breakfast while enjoying the view of the landscape and enjoy stunning sunsets on the spacious terrace independent.


    6987937355, 6977924603
  • Aliveri Rooms to Let - STUDIOS Karavos - Rooms to Let Evia Karavos, Aliver

    Welcome ... Studios Karavos welcome you to their website. Our four-key complex is newly built and has been operating since 2008. Studios Karavos are located in Karavos, Aliveri, Evia, which is essentially the beach of Aliveri. The complex consists of fifteen state-of-the-art studios of high aesthetics, fully equipped, each with its own private terrace overlooking Karavos. You can choose between double and triple rooms or quadruple suites. Studios Karavos are the ideal choice for your vacation. Comfort, tranquility and cleanliness prevail throughout the hotel to offer the guest the accommodation he desires. The bright rooms of Studios Karavos and the beautiful view to the beach of Karavos will "commit" you creating the best possible atmosphere for your vacation.

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    Karavos - Aliveri - Evoia
  • Aluminum Constructions All Types Evia - DIMOLIANIS IOANNIS - Installation of Frames Evia - Iron Constructions Evia - Armored Doors - Aluminum Frames PVC Evia - Aluminum Constructions Evia

    The company of Ioannis Demolianis, based in Evia, is active in the field of aluminum systems and aluminum constructions with years of experience. Thanks to the constant information of technological developments, the excellent know-how and the modern technological equipment, it provides complete solutions for frames that are distinguished for their excellent quality, functionality and high aesthetics. Manufactures aluminum constructions and frames of all kinds that are durable over time and help you save energy and money. Meeting all the required specifications, the company of Dimolianis Ioannis manufactures energy frames that meet the requirements of the savings programs. He has completed projects with the highest degree of difficulty, delivering them to the pre-determined project. Professionalism, consistency and quality of work are the characteristics of the work. Contact 6948534511 to give you solutions that meet the needs of either home or business. aluminum constructions of all types Evia, constructions of iron Evia, constructions of iron of all types Evia, aluminum constructions of all types Evia, installation of frames of Evia, maintenance of frames of Evia, repairs of frames of Evia, aluminum windows, porcelain windows


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    Koskina - Evoia
  • Aluminum Constructions Kymi Aliveri Evia - Skopelitis Velissarios - Aluminum Constructions - Aluminum Frames - Special Aluminum Constructions Aliveri Kimi Evia

    Skopelitis Velissarios Aluminum Constructions Kimi Aliveri Evia Our company "Skopelitis Velissarios" which is located in Evia and more specifically in Kymi, operates with aluminum constructions and aluminum frames, providing quality and financial services. Thanks to our long course in aluminum constructions, we can undertake aluminum frames, special aluminum constructions and all the aluminum constructions that you wish to carry out in your home or business in Kimi, Aliveri and throughout Evia. We also undertake work with the program I save - I become autonomous. Our goal is to always offer you the best service. Contact us to discuss your needs. We serve Kimi, Aliveri and all of Evia.


    Kimi - NATO - Kymi

    Pet Shop Amazon Center is located at 40 Haina Avenue in Chalkida and deals with the sale and grooming of pets. Amazon Center is a pet shop of high standards and has the appropriate certificates. We deal with the sale of: aquariums, fish, birds, dogs, cats, canaries, parrots, iguanas, squirrels and other specialty animals. The pet center Amazon Center takes care of the good health of the animals and their good living. The Amazon has never been so close to you!

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    40 Haina Ave. - Chalkida
    6981924751, 6986298066
  • Anagnosttidis Bros - Kitchen Furniture - Woodwork Nea Artaki Chalkida Evia - Wardrobes - Special Constructions - Window Frames - Office Equipments - Hotel Furniture

    We use high-quality materials to better implement your project. Specifically, wood products such as particleboard, plywood, veneers, MDF melamine, decorative formats and panels, coated surfaces, solid wood, etc., as well as plenty of other materials we always meet international standards of quality and durability.

    Category: WOODWORKING

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    New Artaki - Chalkida
    6974284319, 6977059731

    If you plan your vacation on the island of Skyros Anemonisia Apartments offer the perfect choice for a pleasant stay with all amenities in beautiful surroundings near the sea. The complex consists of 6 independent apartments, fully equipped and furnished, ideal to accommodate you during your vacation. Skyros Skyros Apartments Accommodation Apartments Molos Anemonisia The name of each partition corresponds to the names of small islands that surround the island of Skyros ... Valaxa, Skyropoula, Saracens, Aprons, Renia and pedestrians. All apartments are spacious, light and very functional design. They have air conditioning, large bedroom, living room and kitchen with cooker, fridge and dining area. The living room fireplace, TV, dining area and sofa bed, offering you the opportunity to accommodate 2 more people. The decor is very tasteful apartment, creating a beautiful environment and quality atmosphere for unforgettable vacations in Skyros. Each apartment has its own terrace where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view. The apartments are surrounded by beautiful gardens and lawns, and each apartment has its own set of garden furniture. In the large garden there is also a grill for BBQ, which can be used by our guests during their stay. The apartments are ideal for families with children and friends. They have very nice environment and the sea is close by. The distances are small in Skyros and Molos has easy access to all the sights of Skyros, the port and airport. We put our best and created a beautiful living space that exudes quality and warmth. We are confident that your stay at Apartments Anemonisia will complement the best of your holidays in Skyros and will satisfy you completely. The apartments are open all year, so whenever you decide to visit Skyros have to offer you comfort and quality with all the comforts. Welcome to the beautiful island of Skyros and hope to see you soon in the near future.


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    MOLOS - Skyros
    6974799690, 6976631634
  • Animal Feed Evia - Kalomiris OE - Animal Feed Evia - Import Dog Food - Cat Food - Cereals - Clover - Straw - Maize Dryer

    Kalomiris OE Animal Feed Trade Evia With a production capacity of many tons, our corn dryer is distinguished for the perfect quality of the dried product. The drying process is achieved with continuous and automatic control of air and product temperatures and automated mechanisms, which have been safely handled by our experienced & specialized staff for years. Dried corn seeds, which are intended for the preparation of animal feed, are available throughout Stofilia and the surrounding areas. PRODUCTS Pet food Cat food Dog food Poultry feed Cereals Clovers Straws We have at our disposal animal feed for all animals in excellent quality but also at unique prices for the professional or the individual!

    Category: ANIMAL FEEDING

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    Strofilias - Evoia
  • Anthidon Olive | Oil Production & Standardization Anthidona Evia

      ANTHIDON   Our company "Anthidon", located in Evia and more specifically Anthidona, is a family owned company active in the production, standardization and trade of olive oil, offering high quality products. Our name comes from the area of ​​ancient Anthidonas, which is located in the Evia law just outside the area of ​​Chalkida and is our place of origin and the area where our olive groves are located. In our modern facilities we produce exceptional virgin olive oil and unique quality olive oil and flavors. Our interest in olive cultivation began in 1950, when our grandfather planted our first olive trees. Its primary purpose was to meet the family's annual need for olive oil and then to sell the excess in the local market.       SINCE 1950 Over time, each of the younger generations continued their cultivation and production with the aim of increasing production and expanding into the markets, combining excellent product quality. The cultivation is now done in accordance with the modern codes of good agricultural practice and a group of agronomists regularly supervises the crop, thus ensuring the high quality of the olive oil. In 2012 the fourth generation takes over the reins of family production and goes a step further, designing new packaging that represents and reflects the high quality of olive oil, thus expanding the company's range.   Sixty years after our first harvest, the extra virgin olive oil ANTHIDON managed to "travel" from Anthidona to every corner of Greece. Our vision is to continue to evolve, investing in overseas markets with top quality products, cultured and manufactured using methods that respect traditions and the environment. With the same passion and passion that our ancestors had, we guarantee that each of our products that reaches your family table will provide you with full flavors, rich aromas and all the nutritional values ​​of the Mediterranean diet. ANTHIDON olive oil is available in selected super markets, mini markets, delicatessen and restaurants.        

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    Anthidona - Evoia
    6977266255, 6978937726
  • Anti-Peina- Eretria Steak House Steakhouse - Handmade Skewers - Handmade Portions - Meat Varieties Eretria

    We welcome you to a beautiful place, on the coastal road of Eretria. In our store you can enjoy excellent quality meat, all handmade and accompanied by the freshest appetizers and salads. Pies - wrapped, portions of pork or chicken, ribs and varieties for 2 or 4 people. And if you do not manage to come to our place ..., we come to yours. Daily delivery from 12:00 noon to 24:00 in the evening.

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    Ancient Theater and Varvaki - Eretria

    Car Dealers Aliveri Evia - A. XIGGIS A. XIGGIS, one of the largest Car Dealers in Aliveri, is waiting for you to come by car for spare parts and service. We also buy your old car at very affordable prices. We are one of the official FIAT and ALFA ROMEO car dealers, and in our store you can find a report on FIAT and ALFA ROMEO cars. We also have official service and genuine spare parts, as well as specialized service at MAZDA and LANCIA. Car Dealers Aliveri Evia - A. XIGGIS / Exhibition - car purchase We invite you to come to the XYGGIS Car Dealers on the Aliveri Evia ring road. Here you can see closely the available car models FIAT and ALFA ROMEO. Whether you want a diesel, or a gasoline engine, a simple car or an SUV, here you can see and learn about the benefits of each model. Car Dealers Aliveri Evia - A. XYGGIS / Original Parts In the event of damage to your car, SAW Car Dealers can supply and place the appropriate spare part safely and safely. Soon your car will be as functional and as good as new. Generally, it is a good idea to select car parts from your dealership to get them genuine. This way you will know that they will fit perfectly and your car will function as if it had never been damaged. Car Dealers Aliveri Evia - A. XIGGIS / Test drive If you are interested in buying a car, it is a good idea to go through the car dealerships. With the free test drive we can provide you, you will be able to know the driving behavior of the car you are interested in. So don't hesitate, come to our store and try out the car you like, in real life.


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    ALIVERIOU - EVOIAS - aliveri
  • Antoniou Accounting Office Eretria Evia - Tax Office - Tax Returns - Bookkeeping - Labor - Insurance - Money Transfer - Payment of Accounts - Accountant Nationwide

    ANTONIOU AGGELIKI ACCOUNTANT B 'CLASS ERETRIA-EVIA ACCOUNTING OFFICE - COMPUTER SERVICES TAX OFFICE-ACCOUNTANT-TAX TECHNICIANS TAX DECLARATIONS-LABOR-PROPERTY STATEMENT E9 INSURANCE-MONEY TRANSFER-PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS ACCOUNTANT-ACCOUNTANTS ERETRIA-CHALKIDA-EVIA-ATTICA-PANHELLENIC The accounting office of Mrs. Antoniou Angelikis has been operating since 1995 and continues to this day with an extremely successful course. It is based in ERETRIA-EVIA and is active in the field of accounting - tax and insurance affairs. It is fully computerized with accounting and tax programs that are constantly upgraded based on new laws and regulations. Our many years of experience combined with our excellent customer service, consistency and reliability, we have built a relationship of trust with our customers. We have knowledge and experience with professionalism and reliability to offer comprehensive services with confidentiality and competitive prices. SERVICES Accounting Office Tax office Accountant Computer services Tax Services Class B Accountant Keeping books of all categories Starting and Ending Businesses Payroll Labor Asset status E9 Insurance Money transfer Payment of Bills OUR GOAL is to provide reliable solutions at all times to companies of all categories, but also to individuals. For any information and additional information, we are at your disposal. WE SERVE ERETRIA- ALL THE SURROUNDING AREAS- CHALKIDA- ALL EVIA AND WHERE ELSEWHERE WE ARE REQUESTED NATIONWIDE. Yours sincerely, Antoniou Angeliki

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    Philosopher Menedimos 26 - Eretria
  • Antoniou Ioannis Group - Sewer Cleaning Chalkida Evia - Drainage Drainage Chalkida - Rent - Chemical Toilet Maintenance Chalkida - Clean Water Transport - Aquifer - Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation

    The company ANTONIOU K. IOANNIS GROUP, the largest in the prefecture of Euboea in the field of wastewater transport, drainage and drainage blockages with - the largest privately owned fleet of commercial vehicles - the most experienced and well-trained staff - the most modern high performance machinery continues its activities in the field of renting chemical toilets. Always a pioneer in public health and respect for the environment, we undertake the transportation, installation and maintenance of chemical toilets, offering you complete hygiene solutions. All of our products are environmentally friendly, in accordance with European Union rules, distinguished for their flawless aesthetics and highlight our high quality services. Contact us and we will provide solutions that will leave you satisfied and functional, reliable and cost-effective. The company "ANTONIOU K. IOANNIS GROUP" operates 24 hours a day. Contact us daily from Monday to Sunday for your prompt, prompt and efficient service. SERVICE AREAS Our company is the only company to rent and maintain chemical toilets in Evia and covers the needs of individuals and organizations in all areas of the prefecture and neighboring areas (Boeotia, Fthiotida, Attica)

    Category: SHOCKS CESSPIT

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    Oresti Makri - Chalkida
    6945563892, 6932222654
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