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    Construction of all types Argyroupoli, Ilioupoli Attica-renovations Argyroupoli, Ilioupoli Attica Our company has been active in plaster construction for many years. Our object is the elegant constructions of plasterboard and gypsum board products in shops, houses, companies etc. Our experienced workforce, know-how and the modern equipment we have, result in an excellent and quality result. Our basic principle is the quality and guarantee of the end result to the most demanding customer. Plasterboard is one of the best materials for interior decoration in residential or commercial areas. It is made of a special composition of gypsum and pressed paper in the form of a plate with a smooth surface. It is used for the construction of suspended ceilings, partition walls, wall cladding as well as to cover defects in construction. It can also be used for special constructions such as shelves, libraries, curved constructions, etc. The texture of the drywall makes it lightweight and easy to install and also avoids building and plastering. For any information, do not hesitate to contact us. For us, every project is seen as a new challenge. From the beginning of the cooperation, but also after the completion of construction we are next to the customer. We analyze the requirements of a project and ensure perfect design, functionality, quality and speed of construction. We offer integrated solutions with customized construction costs to the client's capabilities. We undertake work throughout the prefecture of Attica and beyond.


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    47, Kyprion Agoniston Str. - Argiroupoli

    Configuration-space Plasterboard The company operates in cartongesso of decorating spaces with the use of plasterboard, plaster and concrete structures. With a vision to create a successful company in this space, creates first construction with the aim of quality and aesthetic appearance of the project. The cartongesso, now operates as a leading company in the plaster decorations and construction using modern materials and machinery. The cartongesso through a long course has now acquired expertise, experience in handling major projects, infrastructure equipment and manpower to be able to cope with all kinds of decorations and construction. With greater competitive advantage of quality, reliability, wide variety of projects and the development of the Creative Division, has managed to renew its range with new and original drawings and plans to maintain the older designs. The cartongesso undertakes the design, manufacture and installation of its products with the most perfect and reliable construction. The construction portion composed of architects, engineers, foremen and skilled craftsmen whose main concern of the excellent and technically sound project.


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    26 LAKONOS STR - ATHENS - Ampelokipoi

    Our company has been operating since 1975 in the area of ​​plaster decoration and the last 18 years expanded in the area of ​​drywall . We combined the old with the new and follow market trends in construction but also in the arts . We use only certified materials Knauf from the start to the completion of the project and certainly excellent results. The consistency, service, good prices and the love for what we do have established us and push us to continue to offer our services where we requested.


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    6944152896, 6977715786
  • Fotinias Stefanos Plaster Decorations and Constructions Syros

    With many years of knowledge about gypsum boards and their application, we undertake to offer you high quality services. From Ermoupoli Syros, we cover work on plasterboard! Gypsum Decorations Syros, Gypsum Constructions Syros, Plasterboard Constructions, Plasterboard Partitions, Plasters, Plaster Decorations, Plasterboard Ceilings, Plasterboard Masonry, Plasterboards


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    Agiou Georgiou 7, Ermoupoli - Siros
  • Galatsi Plasterboards - Suspended Ceilings - Cement Board - Pappas Georgios - Plaster Decorations - Plaster Renovations Galatsi

    PAPPAS GEORGIOS PAPPAS GEORGIOS is based in Galatsi, Attica, and is active in the field of Plaster Decorations, Gypsum Renovations of Gypsum Structures, Insulations and Heat Insulations. The experience I have gained in the field of plasterboard since 2000, the hard work and the passion for my profession are the guarantee of achieving my goals, which are none other than the provision of high quality services and the absolute satisfaction even of the most demanding customer. Our specialized staff provides direct service from where we are requested in Galatsi, N. Ionia, Perissos, Philadelphia, Anargyroi, Piraeus, Athens and throughout Attica. WHAT WE OFFER Our main activity is the area of ​​construction and decoration with plasterboard. Plasterboard is a light and versatile material with excellent moisture and fire behavior. It is widely used in the renovation and decoration of interior and exterior space and in special constructions such as shelves, hidden lighting, fireplaces, etc. Partition walls and special plasterboard constructions are solid, anti-seismic and lightweight, resulting in low stresses. Some of their main advantages are that they can be painted, covered with wallpaper or tiles, insulated and combined with special lighting to create an impressive end result. They also offer unlimited possibilities of flexibility for architectural and aesthetic interventions, they have a really cheaper cost than conventional building construction, and the time requirements of plasterboard construction are around 1/4 of the conventional. Our crew undertakes responsibly the execution of any construction with absolute reliability and success INNOVATIONS - ORIGINALS We offer the customer the opportunity to present an electronic model through which he will be able to see, compare and make the right and optimal decision. More specifically, after discussing with him to understand his requirements and to listen to our own proposals, we end up with a project that does not have to imagine how it will be ... Simply, he will be able to see it! We give him the opportunity to intervene in the construction by adding, removing or modifying pieces without any hassle and without any financial burden. For more details, select from the main menu the DRY CONSTRUCTION With the term dry building we call the construction of buildings without the use of traditional materials (concrete, bricks, cement, sand, lime etc), but with the help of standardized new technology products (gypsum boards, cement boards, mineral fibers). Dry building is now widespread as plaster-based building systems offer ultimate architectural freedom as well as a new dimension in interior design. It is a modern technology in the field of construction, which gradually replaces the building with heavy partitions and ceilings indoors and outdoors. Drywall products and systems find applications in constructions with increased design requirements, physical properties of buildings and aesthetics as well as in applications such as, for example, non-load-bearing partitions, linings, ceilings, floors, facades, FOOTWEAR WITH GYPSOSANIDES These false ceilings are made of simple plasterboard fixed to a horizontal frame of metallic beams which is at a suitable distance from the roof. The metal frame of the false ceiling is suspended from metallic perforated sheets or cables fixed to the roof bearing plate. In order to enhance the thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection offered by the false ceiling made of plasterboard, suitable materials, mainly in the form of duvets, are placed at the top. Also arched false ceilings, as well as curved partitions, can be made of plasterboard by means of special frameworks, since plaster boards are elasticated to fit in long radius curvatures. METALLIC FALSE Metal false ceilings are made of aluminum or steel sheet. They are unpainted and perforated and cover a wide range of applications. Their advantages focus on easy installation, excellent sound insulation, excellent moisture resistance, easy cleaning and a wide range of colors. DEFINITIONS-INTERNAL CONFIGURATION Drywall partitions are a lightweight, flexible, economical, fast and wear-free solution. They are ideal for areas where a change of layout or a new configuration is required. They are simply and meticulously placed either in office buildings, while the business continues to operate either in residences.


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    4, Stratigou Makrygianni Str. - Galatsi
  • Gipsform - Plasterboards Argos Nafplio Argolida - Insulations Argos - Waterproofing - Thermal Insulation Materials Argon - Dry Construction Knauf - Colors

    GIPSFORM DIMOU is based in ARGOS - ARGOLIDA and is active in the field of plasterboard trade. With our years of experience in the field of construction, our cooperation with some of the largest suppliers of building materials, we are able to propose complete solutions that fully meet the needs of our client and which create a distinct corporate style and distinct identity, so as each business must have. What makes us stand out is responsibility, experienced human resources, organization and affordable prices. OUR TARGET is the best service for our customers, based on our long experience and the best proposals we provide. Visit us to serve you FAST, WITH CONSISTENCY AND AFFORDABLE PRICES. WE ARE SERVING ARGOS, NAFPLIO, ALL ARGOLIDA AREA. Yours sincerely, DIMOU NIKOLAOS


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    3rd klm Argous Tripolis - Argos
  • Gouvanellis Panagiotis Plaster Decorations Neo Heraklion Attica - Plasterer Northern Suburbs - Plaster - Plaster Constructions - Suspended Ceilings Partitions Neo Heraklion Attica

    Our company Gouvanellis Panagiotis which is located in Attica and more specifically in Neo Heraklion, has been active in gypsum construction and decorations for many years offering unique results in homes and businesses in Neo Heraklion, Pefki, Lykovrisi, Lykovrisi, Nea Ionia and all over Attica. With love and love, we manufacture unique plaster decorations that can give a unique and elegant style to your space. At the same time, we undertake plaster decorations, plasterboard constructions, suspended ceilings and partitions with plasterboard. Throughout the years we have been working with plaster and plaster decorations, we have undertaken and completed a large number of projects in Neo Heraklion, Pefki, Lykovrisi, Marousi, Nea Ionia and all over Attica. Contact us to come to your place, hear your needs and suggest the best solutions for plaster decorations and plaster decorations. We serve the following areas: Neo Heraklion, Pefki, Lykovrisi, Marousi, Nea Ionia and all of Attica.


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    510, Heraklion Avenue - Neo Iraklio

    BASIOS is active in the field of plasterboard and plasterboard construction in Greece, with the headquarters of Polygyros Halkidiki, since 2006. Earlier and for 15 years we have been active in Germany, presenting through our projects, with great success, the element of Hellenism . Our objective is to make the façade constructions of plaster and gypsum board, proposing complete solutions with respect to the demands of each space, harmoniously combining the classic with the modern, in shops, homes and companies. With a sense of aesthetics and functionality, always financially and honestly! Our experience, the mercy and the know-how that we have, guarantee an excellent and quality result! With consequence, quality and respect in aesthetics, we realize the desires of the most demanding customer! - Gypsum constructions (hidden lights, dome doors, etc.). - Gypsum boards (partitions, false ceilings, lining of fireplaces, shelves, etc.). - Technicians (Kurasanit, La Casa, Stuco Veneziano, etc.). - Exterior-Indoor thermal insulation. - Cement board.


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    Ioannis Metaxas 44 - Chalkidiki
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    GAZEPI 99 - Chalkida
  • Gypsotechniki Zouganelis Andreas - Plasterboard Partitions - Mineral Fiber Ceilings - Cement Board - External Thermal Insulation - Knauf Floor Systems

    GYPSOTEXNIKI has been successfully operating in the dry building industry since 1992. Our long-standing experience in the field guarantees that the manufacturer's specifications are met, applying all the modern methods consistently: · The perfect fit · Static construction · Durability · The absence of cracks on the surface of plastered drywall In addition to standard constructions, we offer unlimited possibilities for architectural creation and composition. We offer solutions to special construction needs, with the possibility of designing sloping, curved and vaulted ceilings. The work is carried out with unparalleled accuracy in the drawings, as well as in the delivery times of the project. We hope for future cooperation. - Plasterboard ceilings: The application of drywall ceilings is simple, fast and offers stability, excellent sound insulation, improved room acoustics, fire resistance and design freedom - Mineral fiber ceilings: They offer easy access to the roof for controlling or replacing cables, ac power tools, plumbing. The mineral fiber ceiling is available in many colors and designs according to customer preference. It is suitable for offices and business premises. - Wall coverings: They are used to cover all kinds of walls, such as bricks, concrete, concrete blocks or stone. They offer absolute stability and durability, sound insulation up to 57 dB. High thermal insulation and fire resistance. - Plasterboard partitions: The masonry systems are made of plasterboard screwed into a metal frame. They offer top sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire resistance, giving unrivaled finish. They also allow us to fit windows or doors according to the customer's needs. The integration of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing facilities is one of the biggest advantages of the system. - Cement boards: The new achievements of cement board technology revolutionize the design and construction methods of buildings across Europe. Cement-based building systems offer the world a certified alternative to the conventional brick-making process. - Acoustic ceilings: Reflections of sound in rooms where their surfaces are surrounded by hard, smooth, reflective materials such as glass, tiles, marbles, etc. they destroy the acoustics of the space. Wall and ceiling surfaces lined with perforated plasterboard and integrated mineral wool give solution to the problem, offering great acoustic comfort. - Fire protection partitions: With 20 mm thick gypsum plasterboard with a 20 mm thick backbone on 10cm up to 30cm upright and 10cm thick stone wool, the system achieves fire resistance of F90 ​​A and a maximum permissible height of 9 meters.


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    21, Attikis Str. - Ilioupoli

    Your good choice for: - partitions - false - Wall paneling combined with properties - fire protection - seismic - soundproofing - insulation


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    24-26, VRIOULON STR - Volos
  • Koltsinakos Antonios - Plasterboards Alimos - Gypsumboards - Partitions

    With the vision of creating a successful business in this area, the founder managed to realize the current form of the company by offering architectural interest in its constructions. The company, pioneer in its field, is now specialized in plaster decorations, dry building applications and exterior constructions using modern materials. Through a long-term course and having gained know-how, experience in handling large projects and with the infrastructure for human and lifeless potential, our company can cope with all kinds of constructions. With greater competitive advantage the enormous variety of designs and the development of the Department's Creative, it has managed to renew and maintain its old designs and create new ones. GypsoDesign, made up of architects, engineers, foremen and skilled craftsmen, undertakes the design, manufacture and placement of its products in the most flawless and constructive way.


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    23, Taxiarchon Str. - Alimos

    "Cycladic decoration ' NOMIKOS, the name for three generations keeps the tradition of decorating your space to beautify your life. He has extensive experience, expertise and enthusiasm. Our job is not just another construction expertise and are able to bring out even the most demanding wishes. The direct service to any problem you with the best solution in every case and original designs. The quality of our products using high quality materials. Compliance schedules for project completion. And continuous information about new products, some of our standards and why we have gained a good name in the market. We have experienced technicians to guarantee the perfect project. Hopefully be you one of tomorrow's customers. "We are creating ... that do not create others." Combine: - Innovative solutions - Quick service - Reliability - Affordability Wholesale - retail drywall. OUR SERVICES: Drywall Partitions Ceilings Special construction fire, humidity, acoustic Design, decoration and interior design.


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    PARIKIA - Paros

    Our business has forty years history . Founded by my father , Philip Nicholas Pappas , 1968. From very young I learned the secrets of near work and I loved it .   Today the company has switched exclusively my responsibility . I stayed faithful to the principles I was taught by my father : for the love of work , professionalism , sincerity , honesty , reasonable prices .   Enlarged range of classical and modern techniques and products plaster decoration (interior & exterior ) , drywall applications and all types of cement , clerical staff fully trained , excellent cooperation with architects , engineers , interior designers , manufacturers , corporations, individuals , vendors , continuous training and study of new styles and products , we are available to our clients in order to fully meet their needs and dreams .   PHILOSOPHY   The company plaster decoration " PHILIPPOS NICHOLAS PAPPAS " grounded in love for the art of plaster and love for the customer.   Full range of branded products and techniques stucco constantly updated .   We undertake all kinds of plaster decorations (indoor and outdoor) , applications drywall and cement , roofs , ceilings , plaster , cement , partitions , insulation , fireplaces , arches , moldings, lighting, staircases . Renovations companies , shops , buildings , houses and any other premises , professional or not.   With impeccably trained staff , organization and maintenance schedules , we cover the whole Greece and Cyprus .   Recently, major projects: METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OF ATHENS ' edge' - ATHENS , COLLEGE ACNE - PIRAEUS, SHOPPING «BERTO LUCCI», KATASTIMATA «PINK WOMAN», SHOPS ' DODONI " LUXURY HOMES .   PRODUCT LIST   • Gypsum • Cement Insulation • Indoor & Outdoor Facades • Investments • Partitions • Ceilings - Suspended • Mineral Fibers • Lightings - Domes • Shelves • Ladders • Fireplaces • Frames • Rosettes • Angles & Messara • Pads , Mouldings , Scotland • Capitals - Stands - Columns • Brackets • Windows, arches, columns , Lockers • Shelves • Decorative Aquariums • Pediments • Handrails • Bollards • Statues & Busts  


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  • Paterakis Grigorios | Plasterboards, Gypsum Works Acharnes Athens

    PATERAKIS GRIGORIOS Gypsum Works, Plasterboards Acharnes Athens PATERAKIS GRIGORIOS, which has been based in Acharnes for many years, has been active in the Gypsum area, in plasterboard and in Gypsum decorations, as well as in the design and applications of dry construction, for business premises and residences. The company specializes in plasterboard construction. We implement suspended ceilings, cement partitions, mineral fibers, lighting applications, coatings and decorations to suit your needs. We undertake the finishing of newly built and renovated spaces, giving the final shape to your environment. We use the latest and most modern in building materials, integrating them successfully into our already advanced manufacturing techniques. PATERAKIS GRIGORIOS is constantly investing in research and innovative implementation processes, using new, even more sophisticated decorative materials. All this results in the specialization and excellent technical training of its employees. In addition, they increase the competitiveness of the business and guarantee high-quality services as well as speed in completing any project that is consistently undertaken in a predetermined time. Our specialized staff provide immediate service from anywhere in Acharnes to Liosia to Agi Anargyroi in Kamatero. in Peristeri in Maroussi and all over Athens and Attica OUR SERVICES: Plasterboards: Plasterboard sound insulation constructions Drywall ceilings Plasterboard fire protection structures Interior and exterior decorations with plasterboard Configurations of plasterboard spaces Partitions Cement board Masonry Suspended ceilings Hidden lights Domes Frames Plaster structures Chalk decorations Partitions of all types Exterior constructions The quality and effectiveness of our work are guaranteed and are backed by decades of experience. Visit us to see for yourself the quality of our materials, the level of our work and choose from a wide range of plaster decorations at the most reasonable prices on the market.


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    Ethnikis Antistaseos 51, Acharnes Athens - Axarne
  • LAKONIKIS & PALEOLOGOU 47 - Kalamata
    6932906490, 6987786783(ΝΙΚΟΣ)
  • Plaster Constructions Gypsum Board - Suspended Ceilings - Fireplace Decorations Corfu - Koulouris Alexandros

    We have been active in the design of indoor and outdoor plasterboard spaces since 1992. We undertake quick, responsible and cost-effective renovations and landscaping of homes, shops, offices, hotels, etc. Our many years of experience in Greece and abroad, our specialized staff and know-how guarantee the high quality of our projects. On our website, you can get information about our services and contact us for any questions or advice you have. We will be happy to come to your place and do a free update and autopsy of your place.


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    Perivoli, Korission municipal - Corfu
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