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  • Baltsavias Diamantis - Technical Store - Plumbing Supplies - Heat Pumps - Sanitary Ware - Pool Accessories - Argostoli Kefalonia

    Baltsavias Diamantis Technical Store Plumbing Supplies - Heat Pumps - Sanitary Ware - Pool Accessories - Argostoli Kefalonia   Our Technical Store Baltsavias Diamantis, which is based in the Argostoli Industrial Area in Kefalonia, for years now belongs to the field of trade of plumbing & sanitary ware, with responsibility, consistency and respect for its customers. In our space you will find everything for the renovation of any home or business space, construction, hotels as well as agricultural items. In more detail, in us you will find plumbing fixtures, solar systems, water heaters, heat pumps, irrigation items, pumps, sanitary ware, bathroom faucets, sinks and accessories for each pool. We always work with the leading companies of their kind to make sure that we always offer you the best quality products and we always guarantee you the most competitive prices. We assure you of the best service and give you solutions to various problems. Visit our store and you will definitely find what you need.          


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    Argostoli Industrial Area - Kefalonia
  • Heating Products Attica Transformation - GM ENERGY - Solar Attica Transformation - Hydraulic Works Attica Transformation - Hydraulic Renovations Attica Transport - Maintenance Attica Transport

    GM ENERGY Heating Items Metamorfosi Attica & Hydraulic Works Metamorfosi Attikis Our company "GM ENERGY" which is located in Attica and more specifically in Metamorfosi, is active in plumbing and heating with quality services and products at affordable prices. Thanks to our long-term course in plumbing and heating, we can suggest the best solution for heating your space but also to carry out all the plumbing work you want in your home or business in Metamorfosi and throughout Attica. At the same time, we deal with cooling and air conditioning, with burners and natural gas, underfloor heating and solar systems. Having undertaken and carried out a large number of plumbing work, your business can meet your every need. All you have to do is contact us. Supplies Heating Metamorphosis Attica Solar Metamorphosis Attica Hydraulic Works Metamorphosis Attica Plumbing Renovations Metamorphosis Attica Maintenance Metamorphosis Attica Plumbing Metamorphosis Attica, plumbing repairs Metamorphosis Attica Hydraulic Maintenance Metamorphosis Attica Sales of hydraulic Metamorphosis Attica Water Metamorphosis Attica Drainage metamorphosis Attica Cooling metamorphosis Attica, Heating metamorphosis Attica, Air Conditioning Metamorfosi Attica Burners transformation Attica heaters metamorphosis Attica, Heat Pumps Metamorfosi Attica Fire Systems Metamorfosi Attica Underfloor Heating metamorphosis Attica Solar Systems Metamorfosi Attica, Gas transformation Attica Renovation Piping Baths - Kitchens Metamorfosi Attica,


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    F. GKINOSATI 67 - Metamorphosi
    6971898305, 6974904825

    HYDROSTAR  PLUMBING, HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING in Chania      https://hydrostar-kriti.pswebshop.com/el/   The company Hydrostar based in Chania and marketing departments, construction, plant and craft, with experienced technicians and scientific collaborators of different specialties, engaged in plumbing, and air conditioning tisthermansis. Established in 1983 and has since then garages thermohydraulic installations, repairs, air conditioning etc.    Since 1990 he created the marketing department with store sales, while 1994 began testing and manufacture of high performance solar water heaters, which were later identified patent for its innovative and unique construction.    The officer and founder of the company Hydrostar Konchylakis Emmanuel has a high level of knowledge and various diplomas and degrees both technical as well as business organization and information technology. Under these headed, monitor and coordinate the work performed in each part of the business, but also the teams of all disciplines in all facilities of a project. It has, among other things, patent burners, fuel gas, safety engineering, etc. thermohydraulic    Contact Hydrostar for all your needs in plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.    PLUMBING (PIPES - Accessories - Parts)      In Hydrostar will find:    One. SEWAGE WATER PIPES  - Copper, galvanized and black siderosolines, inox  - Plastic pipes in coils of cross-linked polyethylene PE-X,AL-PEX, PP from HDPE and polypropylene. Buddies, spiral hoses, pipe insulation.    Two. DRAINAGE PIPES  - Adhesive from PVC 3-6 ATM and ELOT  - With tires polypropylene PP - HT and soundproof  - Flexible PVC spiral    Three. PIPES FOR WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE NETWORK  - Polyethylene pipes 2nd and 3rd generation, high and low density in coils and straight. - Sewer pipes straight with tires    4. ACCESSORIES FOR ALL THESE PIPES  Glued, screwed, external engineering and technical tightness, OPEIX, plastic, galvanized, black, inox, pipes and accessories combustible gases. We have wide range of parts for many components.    HEATING PRODUCTS        In Hydrostar will find innovative products for heating your space:    - Boilers, cast iron, steel, inox. Ecological (wood, pellet, kernel) oil-gas.           Ferroli - Fer - Hansa - Thermostahl - Torrent - Hydrostar, high performance, automatic etc.           We offer individual unit.  - Oil Burners - Gas Hansa - Lamborghini - Riello etc.  - Pumps Dab - Wilo - Grunfos - Hansa  - Radiators Panel - classical (sliced​​) - Fan Coil - towel racks  - Underfloor heating. We provide fully equipment  - Wide range of accessories and parts for heating boilers  - Insulating panels, yalokordona    Air conditioning products       Take advantage of the wide variety of products Hydrostar conditioning.    We offer ventilators, blowers, Split - Inverter (wall, floor, ceiling, cassette, wardrobes, ducted heat pumps, multi-zone systems URV, curtains).    HVAC products TOYOTOMI, MIDEA, LG, FUJITSU, MAKITO - DAI ICHI, SANYO, GALAND, YORK, AIR BEST, OLEFINH etc.    SOLAR & ELECTRIC HEATERS - BOILER - COLLECTORS        HEATERS  1. Solar Greek construction SONNE WASSER, GLASS, closed circuit, from 80 liters to 200 liters.  Two. HYDROSTAR inox Solar and galvanized Glass, open and closed circuit. With high performance, long           capacity, our construction, patent 1007089, ready for delivery, max 100, 120, 150,           200 lt, with neutralization system electrolysis.    BOILER  Strong construction, pressure 20 bar, plug cleaning, easy replacement anode II or III energy with coil easily removable, same metal cylinder.  - Manufacture collectors boats piece of anodized aluminum in white.  - Internal ydroskeletos F15 copper without solder, monolithic  - Internal collector surface piece with copper foil, with a yield of 25% more than usual  - Patent No. 1007089  - Strong construction with second inner frame with reflective side  - Crystal MISS LIGHT and easy replacement    3. Heaters and electric boiler MIRAP-VICTORY , from 5-100 liters, Glass.  4. Specialists in system adequacy hot water in hotels. Boiler galvanized Glass and inox 200 liters and above       ordered in any size. Collectors of high performance, patented No      1,007,089. Said system builds, the study and the guaranteed HYDROSTAR, after much      Experience.    SOLAR      We entirely of photovoltaic equipment for residential use and parks.  We work with: BOSCH, YINGH SOLAR, SOLAR CUBE, LUXOR, SUNTECH, SUN O WE, SG CSG PV TECH, AXITEC MIG, SULFURCELL, ALFA SOLAR, CONERGY (The ALFA SOLAR is 100% made ​​in Germany).  Our Products:  - Panel microcrystalline and polycrystalline, with a higher yield by 5% due to pyramidal glass.  - Conversion SMA TECHNOLOGIE AG and KAGO - SOLARMAX - REFUSOL  - Base    We provide:  - Free design facilities  - Determining performance and efficiency  - Grid systems and autonomous operation  - Warranty work flawlessly    SANITARY WARE FROM HYDROSTAR        - Tiles, sinks, basins, cisterns  - Porcelain white and colored (on request) Roca, Picadilly, Piccadilly Tiles, Ideal Standard,           Kerafina, Ova and many other brands. Sanitary and Disabled.  - Cast iron baths, acrylic and steel, simple, with aprons and massage systems, aero,           a wide variety of sizes and designs. ROCA, GS ACRYLIC, SANITEC  - Showers and cabins ROCA, GS ACRYLIC, Greek and Italian  - Bathroom Furniture from MDF, wood, wenge, sea, PVC plastic (various colors) CASA BANCO - HUIDA.           You still need to prepare yourself and build the furniture to what materials you want  - Bathroom accessories or just set., Color, inox, plastics, Murano, bronze  - Mirrors in too many projects  - Sinks inox, granite, synthetic, MINOS, FRANCE, SANITEC  - Taps, cocks bath - sink - sink. Classic, mixing, retro, bronze, FIORE, GROHE, SCHULTE,TOMA many other  - Hoods and classic sliding chimney and inox, chrome    TILES      In Hydrostar will find tiled floor, wall, WC, kitchen, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor. Granite tiles, porcelain, icing, marquetry, artificial stones, marble type, matte and glossy in a variety of colors and designs, with figures, listello.    We also have all the other ingredients for the installation of tiles, such as glue, sealant and crosses. We cooperate with many factories in Italy and Spain.    FILTERS & WATER SOFTENERS WHO GIVES YOU THE HYDROSTAR     - Faucet charcoal SIROFLEX - INSTAPURE  - Faucet boom clamp SIROFLEX - WATERFLEX  - Battery spout and tap AQUA  - Cold America Waterpik  - Bench - Sink America Matrix  - Network building or under the counter I and II ITALY ATLAS  - Network brass CIM - GLEZAKOS SA  - Suction pump wells  - Filters oil, aluminum and brass  - Softeners cleavage salts  - Electronic device Germany CALMAT magnetic    PUMPS, PRESSURE VESSELS AND EXPANSION     Pumps:  - Surface  - Underwater  - Treatment with incisors  - Oil  - Wine  - Wells  Inox, plastic, cast iron, DAB, ESPA, GRUNFOS, WILO and GLONG.    Expansion tanks - press set  - press  - Heating  REFLEX, DULKA, ZILMET,CIM and AQUASYSTEM. Generators on order from Italy    TOOLS    In Hydrostar will find tools portable, electric, professional, amateur, wheels, drills, pneumatic, hoeing, dies, pipe bender, electric screwdrivers, bench saws, jigsaws, cleaners boilers, soldering electronics, compressors, Drills, STAYER, MAKITA, BOSCH.    You will also find a variety of tools for plumbers like pincers (crabs), pine nuts, blades, stoves, needles, drills, chisels, holesaws, pliers, screwdrivers, steel obstruction and many other small tools, SUPER EGO, RUCO, DRONCO, STAYER, CETA FORM,BEOROL.    TANKS PLASTIC AND METAL     We offer oil tanks, water, wine, from 100-10,000 liters, vertical, horizontal, rectangular, metal, in whatever shape you want, with galvanized sheet metal and inox request.    IRRIGATION SYSTEMS OF HYDROSTAR      - Pipes LDPE irrigation networks and 3G  - Components plastic and brass  - Accessories for garden equipment and automatic watering gardens and trees. Sprinklers water. COMMERPLAST -           RAIN BIRD    POOLS - FOUNTAINS - SPA - SAUNA      Some of our products:  - Pools (pumps, filters, lights, ladders, diving boards, multiple valves, tiles, pool heating equipment, etc.)  - Fountains (nozzles multiple beam lighting, motors, pumps, led lights, integrated kit fountains, floating)  - Saunas (interior materials and accessories department)    TYPES OF FIRE HYDROSTAR      - Hydrants - Fire Extinguishers - Cabinets - Sprigkler  - Twin booster sets suction type jet with 2 cans and 2vathmies DAB pumps    iron      In Hydrostar will find a wide variety of fittings:  - Sheets inox  - galvanized  - black  - ntekape  - aluminum  - copper  - Elbows black  - galvanized  - M, tees  - Welded etc.    SERVICES PROVIDED BY HYDROSTAR      The Hydrostar has specialized, organized mobile teams for installation and placement michanimatonthermansis, air conditioning, ventilation, in clusters of buildings and houses with two-pipe and single pipe system piping.  In addition:  - Establish the autonomies in old and new facilities.  - Arrange split type air conditioners split.  - We install: ducted air conditioning, multi-zone system, networks of channels and air conditioning ducts           ventilation.  - We offer special mobile workshop and diplomas thermohydraulic, air conditioning, fuel and liquid           gases.  - We offer comprehensive guaranteed work.    PLUMBING - OBSTRUCTION - Sewer cleaning      Trust Hydrostar for plumbing water, sewerage, gas and liquid fuels in large and small commercial buildings, mills, etc. We install fire safety, pool, water networks, drainage, irrigation, automatic watering. We specialized mobile workshops for fast service faults and service.    Moreover, Hydrostar takes consistent and professional cleanings αποχετεύσεων.Χρησιμοποιούμε occlusions and for this purpose the best and most effective machinery, ROTHNBERGER RIDGID Germany and America.    METAL STRUCTURES OF THE HYDROSTAR      We offer a wide variety of steel structures, such as foundations tanks, solar tanks, railings, stairs, roofs and any other hard-metal construction.           Δημοσιεύτηκε από Υδραυλικά Hydrostar στις Τετάρτη, 16 Μαρτίου 2016  


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    33B, THERISSOU STR - Chania
  • Plumbing Supplies Agios Dimitrios Attica - TSEKERIS PLUMBING

    Your Source for Quality Plumbing Supplies: A Plumbing Paradise Welcome to our plumbing supplies store, where all your plumbing needs are met with a wide selection of top-quality products. Located in the heart of [City Name], we're your one-stop destination for plumbing solutions, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional plumber. Our Plumbing Products: Fixtures and Faucets: Upgrade your bathroom and kitchen with our stylish and functional fixtures and faucets. We offer a variety of designs to suit your aesthetic preferences. Pipes and Fittings: From copper to PVC, we have an extensive range of pipes and fittings for all your plumbing projects, ensuring leak-free and reliable connections. Water Heaters: Keep your showers warm and your dishes clean with our efficient water heaters, available in various sizes and types to meet your hot water needs. Tools and Accessories: Find the right tools and accessories to get the job done, from wrenches and pliers to pipe insulation and sealants. Why Choose Us: Quality Assurance: We stock products from trusted brands known for their durability and performance, ensuring you receive reliable plumbing supplies. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide expert advice and recommendations for your specific plumbing projects. Convenience: We understand that time is of the essence. Our store is conveniently located, and we offer efficient service to get you in and out quickly. Competitive Pricing: We believe in providing value for your money. Our competitive pricing ensures you can complete your plumbing projects without breaking the bank. Plumbing Made Easy: Whether you're tackling a DIY plumbing project or you're a professional plumber, our plumbing supplies store is your partner in making plumbing easy and efficient. Explore our extensive product range, meet our friendly team, and visit us today to find everything you need for your plumbing endeavors. Together, we'll keep your water flowing smoothly and your plumbing in top shape.


    Menelaus 94 - Dramas - St. Demitrius
  • Theodoros Sakkas - Plumbing Supplies Nea Styra Evia - Heating Units New Styra - Accessories - Installations

    The store is located on the 2nd beachfront next to the butcher shop "The Two Brothers". In the Theodore Sakka store you can find: plumbing, accessories, radiators, tiles, sanitary ware, solar water heaters, heating and cooling and many other items.


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    B Paraliakos, Nea Stira - Evia
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    CHELMOU 10 - Ag. Stethanos