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    Συναγερμοί σπιτιων καταστημάτων , υπηρεσίες Security , Δορυφορικά συστήματα , επίγεια  από ένα σπίτι εώς καί μία πόλη.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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  • Alarm Systems - Tsotsos Stefanos - Security Systems - Alarms - Closed Circuit Television - Space Monitoring - Trikala

    Alarm Systems security systems. Our many years of experience in the field and our knowledge are a guarantee for the safety of your home, store or company. Our company Alarm Systems Tsotsos Stefanos, based in Trikala, has been active for several years in the field of trade and installation of security systems, always offering high quality products and services at the most competitive prices. Our experienced and specialized staff undertakes the supply and installation of security and access systems. We have the ability to equip residential buildings, hospitals, shops, etc. with CCTV surveillance systems, alarm, space access systems, access control etc. aiming at the maximum possible result and using materials that with their quality ensure the successful effort.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    Athanassiou Diakou 2 - Trikala
  • Amfissa Fokida Security Systems - Segditsas Tecnologies - Electrical Studies Amfissa Fokida - Electrical Trade - Amfissa Fokida Security Systems

    The company with the distinctive title Segditsas Technologies, was founded in 2011 by the graduate Electrical Engineers Segditsa Alexandros and Segditsa Leonida. The subject of activity is the elaboration of electromechanical studies, construction works of electromechanical installations, installations of security systems (alarms, cameras, access control, anti-theft), installations of satellite-terrestrial antenna systems, IPTV, installations of telephone exchanges, installations, facilities , Architectural lighting studies. Our company has as main purpose the best service for you consistently. With this reasoning we are in the area and for this reason we have a radius of work throughout the prefecture of Fokida, Arachova Boeotia and the area of ​​Parnassos. Types of security systems and services, alarms, cameras, CCTV, fire detection, antennas, satellites, IPTV, electrical studies - installations, guarding of industrial facilities, photovoltaic parks and events, automation, structured cabling, Amfissa, Fokida. With great experience and confidentiality, we create your security.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    10 Konstantinos Karamanlis Ave. - Amfissa
  • Atlas Security - Security Systems Ioannina - Alarms - Security Cameras - Automation - Intercoms - Fire Safety Ioannina

    ATLAS SECURITY has been based in Ioannina for many years and is active in the field of security systems. We provide high quality services, with professionalism and experience. You can trust us, financially and reliably, your property and your loved ones. We offer solutions to every surveillance need of your home or business. SERVICES - PRODUCTS · Security systems · Alarms - installations · Security cameras · Automation · Intercoms · Intercoms · Fire safety · CCTV · Signal reception center etc. With prompt service, high quality work and low cost, we are ready to become your guardian.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    Akrita Louki 13 - Ioannina
  • BVS Security Systems - Vlahakis Charalambos - Security Systems - Alarms - Fire Detection - Heraklion Crete

      BVS Security Systems Security Cameras - Security Systems - Alarms - Fire Detection - Heraklion Crete   The company BVS Security Systems, which is based in Heraklion, Crete, has been active in the field of security systems for several years and consistently and professionally provides you with the best protection and solutions for home, shop and office security issues. The experienced staff of the company is in continuous training in security matters and places the security systems in the appropriate places for the protection inside and outside the building you want them to cover. The goal of BVS Security Systems is to select for you the most modern, reliable and flexible systems so that you can handle them and most importantly meet your needs.    

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    3 September 24, Gazi - HERAKLION
  • Crown Rent A Car - Xanthi Car Hire - Thrace - Car Rental Of cars in Xanthi - Thrace Greece

    Our company has a wide range of cars for customer service in all categories. We can deliver the car you selected 60km from our Headquarters in Xanthi for free. In case a customer needs a car for many days we offer special discounts.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    4th Klm Xanthis Kavalas - Ksanthi

    We live in a new era in industrial CCTV. The last five years have seen the disappearance of switchers, the quads, multiplexers and the VCRs. Our industry welcomes the digital era, namely DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). You will be impressed by the clarity, reliability and convenience of DVRs. We remain amazed by the pure image quality, reliability, and ease of operation. Now, with mass production, DVRs are more affordable than ever. The DVRs are in front of industry pioneer DVR. We offer several different models., Serving from the average everyday use DVRs to high-speed special purpose DVRs. We are also proud of the amazing on-line viewing that we offer. The user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) is our widely accepted by merchants as well as end users. Welcome to the world of DSS Hellas. Let yourself to be your guide as well as your supplier for all your needs in a DVR. The DSS Hellas is the Greek champion in the CCTV market data and offers the full line of products for any and all types of security applications. The DSS Hellas provides superior service and professional excellence for the entire market of Greece. Our products range from professional high security systems product line as a complete surveillance solution "ONE STOP SHOP" for all CCTV applications such as: · Professional-quality SONY CCD cameras cctv · "Real Time" H.264 DVR 4, 8 and 16 channels up to 2TB · "Vandal Proof" Dome cameras · Mini Covert Spy Cameras · Professional Pan / Tilt / Zoom Speed ​​Dome cameras PTZ · Wireless Video / Audio Transmitters and Receivers · High quality cable television Optical Lenses CCTV; · Power supplies and battery packs Cameras specialized applications; We are known by our customers because we always strive for the best.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    THEODOSIOU STAVROU 7 - Thessaloniki
  • Digital Voice - Telecommunication Systems Gyzi Athens - Call Centers Gyzi Athens - Alarm Systems Gyzi Athens - Ordering Systems - Cameras - Recorders - Wi-Fi Installation - Access Point Gyzi Athens

    Our Company, DIGITAL VOICE®, has been active in the field of Telecommunications for many years. Imports, trades and installs the most modern Hotel and Business, Call Centers of the manufacturers ERICSSON - LG, AASTRA ERICSSON, SIEMENS, PANASONIC NEC - PHILIPS. In summary, at DIGITAL VOICE® the Customer can find the following systems and services, of the most Approved and Top Manufacturers: IP call centers of all capacities (Possibility to purchase a new call center, technical specifications, fully adapted to meet the last need / requirement of the customer) • Wireless broadband transponders (WiFi - Hotspots - Access Points) • Analog and Digital Telephones - Headphones - Intercoms • Cordless Phones (Dect) • Mobile telephony portals (FCT-GSM Gateways) • IT Products (PC - Servers etc.) • Power Supplies, Stabilizers, UPS, Batteries • Security Systems • Space video recording systems (CCTV - Camera - DVR) • Peripheral Equipment (Printers - Fax - Multifunction - Consumables etc.) • Voice Mail Software - Schedule - Record conversations • Inbound and outbound traffic management software for commercial and hotel (Front Office) application • Wireless ordering systems - Restaurant-Beach Bar-WC-Room) • Structured cabling networks (VOICE - DATA) • Maintenance Contract (Technical Support Coverage adapted to the customer's needs).

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    Liakataion 44 - Gyzi

    DYNAMIC SAFETY THEODOROPOULOS VASILEIOS OE was established in 1995 and is based in AGRINIO at 7 Harilaou Trikipi str. 2nd floor with activity throughout West Greece providing fully organized security services. He has three (3) official licenses from the Ministry of Public Order of the Ministry of National Defense for his personal qualifications and a technical security license. It employs 40 people who have experienced PERMANENT SECURITY STAFF licensed by the Ministry of Public Order. It has an I .S.O certificate. 9001 2000 & 2008. Provides FREE INSURANCE Liability Contract for Permanent Prisons Apply EMERGENCIES to hospitals - public services - private companies - bridges - bridges - exhibitions - construction sites - shopping centers - photovoltaic parks - 24 HOUR DOWNLOAD CENTER for alarm and surveillance of prisons and incidents - All year round we have night patrols with our patrols - Represents US alarms NAPCO - GEMINI - YOKO - SANYO - Undertakes the INSTALLATION of alarms - security - closed circuits - cameras and recorders - It has TECHNICAL SUPPORT with warranty and spare parts META TIMHS THEODOROPOULOS VASILIS

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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  • EC - ELECTRICITY Daskalou - Rental of Surveillance Cameras Ioannina - Camera Rentals - Wholesale Retails - Camera Installations - Hire CCTV - Security Systems - Alarms

    EC - ELECTRICITY is based in Ioannina. It was founded in 2007 by electrician Daskalos Nikolaos and is active in security systems. Many years of experience, knowledge and responsibility are what make us the first in our region. Our excellent technical training guarantees customers high quality and safety in the construction of security systems. CCTV hiring Now and NEW service from ElectriCity for Ioannina rental recorder and surveillance cameras for a certain time, with the purpose of supervising your space from you as long as you are absent from wherever you are. Wireless cameras that are installed where there is a power supply without damage and cables and a recorder with screen for immediate monitoring and recording. COST OF RENT & PLACEMENT Two cameras and recorder 9 € / day Four cameras and recorder 12 € / day OUR TARGET is the provision of high quality services in the field of electrical installations and safe construction with always competitive prices. For every modern and safe construction, trust the specialists. For more information, please visit our website. WE ARE SERVING ALL THE IOANNINA LAW Yours sincerely, Teacher Nikolaos

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    Perama - Ioannina

    In Lefkada, for 6 years, i'm occupying in the field of electronic installations and applications. I serve the individual, but also the professional who needs from cameras and video door phones to high-tech products such as satellite and terrestrial reception systems. To place security systems, cameras and alarms, is a very good to supervise your home or your workplace. Wireless network - internet, use it often in places that there are laptops and enables users to find where they want, provided that it has not come out of network range. Another advantage of the wireless network is that there is no limit to how many users can simultaneously have wireless internet. I also serve you for any fire protection is needed. Satellite and terrestrial antenna VHF MARINE GPS PLOTER ELECTRONIC INSTALLATIONS IN HOTELS, BOATS, HOMES The study of an area is essential for an online installation. In full cooperation with the customer and understanding their needs, i offer him the ideal solution always based on the functionality and aesthetics but mainly the safety and effectiveness of the system to be installed. We expect to meet and serve you Sincerely KARYDIS CONSTANTINOS В Лефкас, в течение 6 лет, я занимающие в области электронного оборудования и приложений. Я служу личности, но и профессионал, который требуется от камер и видеодомофонов для высокотехнологичных продуктов, таких как спутниковые и наземные системы приема. Разместить системы безопасности, камеры и сигнализации, это очень хороший для контроля вашего дома или рабочего места. Беспроводная сеть - интернет, использовать его часто в местах, где есть ноутбуки и позволяет пользователям находить, где они хотят, при условии, что она не выходит из диапазона сети. Другим преимуществом беспроводных сетей является то, что нет никакого предела тому, сколько пользователей могут одновременно есть беспроводной интернет. Я также служить вам для любой противопожарной защиты не требуется. Спутниковые и наземные антенны морских УКВ GPS Ploter Электрические установки в гостиницах, Лодки, ДОМА Изучение область имеет важное значение для онлайн установки. В тесном сотрудничестве с клиентом и понимание их потребностей, я предлагаю ему идеальное решение всегда основывается на функциональность и эстетику, но главным образом безопасность и эффективность системы должны быть установлены. Мы ожидаем, чтобы встретиться и служить вам искренне KARYDIS Константинос

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    LYGIA - Leykada
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    - Volos
  • Euroguard - Security Systems East Thessaloniki - East Thessaloniki Signaling Center - Patrols - Immediate Alarm Intervention - 24 Hour Protection & Monitoring

    EUROGUARD has a long-standing presence in the field of security systems, changing data and targeting Installers and Signaling Centers exclusively, reducing their operating costs. Providing the most sophisticated market surveillance and control systems, Euroguard puts the prime concern of securing the installer and providing comprehensive innovative services through a wide network of experienced security partners. Our specialized partners will provide you with the best possible security solutions for your home, office or installation while monitoring your premises 24/7 and real-time alert and action. Euroguard works exclusively with Private Security Companies and security systems technicians and CCTVs, so it has developed a relationship of trust and confidentiality with its partners. While the ultimate recipients of its services are the customers of the installer companies, they are provided with daily updates by email, telephone or sms. All EUROGUARD partners, with the exception of the variety of services provided, have the following advantages: They receive categorized alerts for alarms, power outages, low battery signals, disconnection of connected alarms to the CPS, customer phone line problems, and 24-hour test delays. They have access to Kervelos Live and recorded telephone communications, so that they can provide their customers with online information and process or even store their contact data privately. Online access to their customers' tabs with their phone numbers, contact names, incoming alerts, and registered comments. Ability to reproduce and print lists of all data, signals, telephones and telephone numbers, even statistics with charts for problems, weapons / disarmament, etc. They can and keep track of everything for their clients by logging in as remote users using a dedicated program. They code and group their customers. Separate phone number for each installer company, with separate recorded message & pre-orders. Email reports to end customers. Tracking all signals without restriction. The above are just part of the benefits Euroguard offers to its affiliates, which are provided at no extra cost. We provide 24-hour protection and monitoring!

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    138, Konstantinou Karamanli Str. - Thessaloniki
  • Gerasimos Grivas - Security Systems Pagrati Athens - Closed Circuits - Antennas

    Grivas Gerasimos Security Systems Pagrati   The company GRIVAS GERASIMOS is based in Pagrati since 2007 and is active in the field of security systems. It has modern and quality materials, personal placement work and direct service, as well as absolute specialization. It provides high quality services, and is constantly informed about new technologies.   Our safety systems meet all the necessary safety standards, according to the European Directive EN-50131.   The company GRIVAS is the official representative of Atlas Security. Our goal is to maximize the satisfaction of our customers' needs, combining quality and cost, direct service, providing complete solutions to all security issues and responsible responsiveness to our customers.   We come to your place, we study security needs and we discuss with you some advantageous solutions. We are next to you on every security problem.   Contact us and we will respond promptly.   Grivas Gerasimos 25, Efroniou str Pagrati Τel. 2107290012 | Mob.: 6932756761 | g-grivas@otenet.gr    

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    Efroniou 25 - Pagrati - Pagrati

    The company HOUSE SYSTEMS has been active in the field of electronic applications since 2001. Our presence extends throughout the country and the many years of experience we have gained places us in one of the largest companies in the field of electronic applications. Our company is able to equip you with secure alarm systems. Reliable alarms for homes and shops. Economical and simple alarms in the installation. Wireless home alarms, surveillance cameras, door-to-door TVs for all products and at affordable prices. Our SERVICE is 24 hours a day, with safety technician 365 days a year Alarm systems in Egaleo, Peristeri, Chaidari, Ilion, Agioi Anargyroi, Acharnai, Nikaia, Korydallos, Piraeus, Salamina, Paleoia, Kalama, Valiro, Alimos Vouliagmeni, Glyfada, Kypseli, Zografou, Gyzi, Chalandri, Holargos, Papagou, Agia Paraskevi, Kifissia, Penteli, Nea Erithraia, Perama, Keratsini, Petroupoli, Kaisariani, Ilioupoli, Dronifana, Argyroupoli, Ymittos. We represent PARADOX and BOSCH in alarm systems and BITRON, GOLMAR, COMPETITION, URMET, NA DE in door and door systems. Cameras and closed circuits we use SONY, SHARP. We install central antennas and satellite systems. The areas we serve: Egaleo, Peristeri, Chaidari, Ilion, Agioi Anargyroi, Acharnai, Nikaia, Korydallos, Piraeus, Salamina, Paleo Faliro, Alimos, Kalamaki, Kallithea, Voulizouki, Voula, Kyfada Zari, Vouliagmeni , Cholargos, Papagou, Agia Paraskevi, Kifissia, Penteli, Nea Erithraia, Perama, Keratsini, Petroupoli, Kaisariani, Ilioupoli, Argyroupoli, Ymittos, Vyronas, Dafni.

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    48, Kountouriotou Str. - Aigaleo

    The company engages in the sale - installation and maintenance of Security Systems - CCTV - Telecommunications and Satellite systems. Provide comprehensive, quality solutions to its clients, always using branded materials and established known brands in domestic and international market. Sale - Installation - Maintenance: Business - House Security Systems PARADOX PABX PANASONIC Cameras, DVR, IP-CCTV, Access control Office Automation Satellite and Terrestrial antennas

    Category: SAFETY SYSTEMS

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    133, DEKELIAS STR - Nea Filadelphia
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