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    Place beautiful and fertile with lowland and foothill villages , orchards and olive trees surrounded by beautiful beaches , with important ancient and Byzantine culture , the area of the municipality Avlonos effects suffered conquest and immigrant populations . Cultures leave footprints in the built environment , in dialect and everyday habits. With love and responsibility , love and respect for tradition , a group of eight women in the municipality Avlonos Evia founded in June 2005 the Rural Women's Association named "AVALONA", the medieval name of the area . Activity of the cooperative is to prepare food based on traditional , authentic recipes that have survived until today . For the manufacture of our products use natural ingredients procured from local crops and follow the old procedures and recipes . Many and varied are the products such as: - Jams - Jams - moustalevria - soutzouk - Molasses - Trahanis - Almond - Baklava - Liquors - Pies - Seasonal dishes and anything else we asked. The Women's Cooperative municipality Avlonos trying to rescue the tradition of taste , defends the local products and offers a modern households daily , meaningful relationship with tradition and authenticity. Tastes and smells of our country , forgotten , we want to remind the traditional products they produce and the Agricultural Cooperative of Women "AVALONA" the municipality Avlonos Evia.


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    Nothing happens if we do not dream of it first ... The Mesotopos Women's Agri-Tourist Association was founded in December 1998 with the main focus on preparing traditional dishes, and a multitude of activities. Since then, it has managed to satisfy its 36 female members and has become an ever-growing business with a vibrant, creative, forward-looking and highly credible Lesbian market. At the same time, it has engaged the village in the pursuit of regional occupations or activities. The love of delivering and restoring forgotten flavors, aromas, sounds and images into the everyday lives of modern humans has become a driving force in the design of our products. Taking advantage of the fruits of the Lesbian land, in a modern laboratory we revive forgotten flavors. We give them value and offer them, awakening in your memory the scents from the time of grandmothers, when life was sleeping at a more carefree pace. We are committed to continue with the same passion, with genuine traditional village recipes, maintaining our quality steady, with respect, appreciation and two-way communication with friends of our products and our cooperative. The equipment of our laboratory is up-to-date and meets all production and quality control requirements. Our products are manufactured without preservatives and are backed by a guarantee.


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    Mesotopos - Lesvos

    The Agricultural Cooperative of Women Aniliou established in the winter of 2000 by a group of women, with particular emphasis on quality and natural ingredients . So they created a traditional laboratory sweets, drinks and dishes , all made by hand and with care , sweet keep us all fruity flavor. Again if your needs are beyond the individual , we can assist you with section catering. Also in our lab , the visitor has the opportunity to see the process of product processing and test its exquisite flavors. We also handle all kinds of events. For weddings the traditional baklava for baptisms sweet cherry . We will be happy to visit us and to assist you.


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    ANILIO - Pelion
  • Artino Glikaki | Handmade spoon sweets - Spoon sweets without preservatives - Traditional sweets - Arta spoon sweets

    ARTINO GLIKAKI Traditional spoon sweets Arta ______   A family from the city of Arta, the Manega family, has been involved in the production of spoon sweets since the 1950s. The tradition and expertise in making spoon sweets has been passed down from generation to generation. Today we are the third generation of the family involved in the production of spoon sweets and jam.   The preparation from the fruit to the final product is done with faith in the family tradition. For the preparation of the sweets, we only use gas which gives a different taste effect. Our materials are completely natural. Only fruit, sugar, and natural flavorings. The company “Artino Glikaki” does not use artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. All the products are prepared and packaged by hand. Literally handmade products.   We are loyal to tradition of the family and the region and to the quality of the final product.     _______ You will find us in Koronesia, Artas, Phone: 6945850444 email: artinoglikaki@gmail.com and vwadon@hotmail.com      


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    48 Paragirotrias, 1st floor - Arta
  • Bakaliko - Traditional Grocery Store - Traditional Products - Mirtos - Ierapetra

      Bakaliko Traditional Cretan Products   Bakaliko is a traditional general grocery store and is located in the beautiful village of Mirtos, west of Ierapetra. It was created with a lot of love and care by its owner Poppy. If you happen to visit our village, you can stop by Bakaliko and get to know and sample our products. In our store you will find our self picked and produced Olive Oil, a wide range of selected Cretan Wine, organic honey, herbs and spices, local Raki, organic cosmetic products, excellent variety of cheeses, Cretan crisp bread, Carob/Locust Bean products and many more! In Bakaliko you will find: Extra virgin olive oil & organic olive oil Organic honey from Crete Organic cosmetics Raki from our village - Mirtos & Cretan wines Fresh spices Traditional cheeses Legumes Traditional sweets Various souvenirs and more.   We would be happy to serve you, always with a friendly and warm smile!   You will find us in Mirtos village wich is located in Lasithi.  Tel: +30 2842051008


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    Mirtos, Ierapetra - Lasithi
  • Creta Fruit - Bakaloumis Dimitris - Traditional Cretan Products - Wholesale Retail - Rhodes

      Creta Fruit Bakaloumis Dimitris Traditional Cretan Products - Wholesale Retail - Rhodes   Creta Fruit Bakaloumis has chosen to promote and market what the most exquisite Cretan Land offers. The Cretan products of Bakaloumis, are of excellent quality and taste, always selected with taste. We are happy to offer the Cretan Bakaloumi products to our customers, with retail or wholesale, in stores and companies that choose the best for their customers.                 You can get from us: Large variety of Cretan Traditional Nuts Cretan Bananas Alcoholic, Cretan Tsikoudia, Raki, Wine Cretan Vine Leaves Cretan Green or Reed Olives Cheese Products of Crete Potatoes of Crete and many other Cretan traditional products.                                                   


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    Asgourou, B.P. Rhodes - Rhodes

        Σχετικά με εμάς Στην ιδιαίτερη Κρήτη και συγκεκριμένα στην μεγαλύτερη πεδιάδα της, την Μεσσαρά, γνώριμη για τις ιδιαίτερες καλλιέργειες Ελιάς, με παραμέτρους να συντελούν την δημιουργία ενός ειδικού μικροκλίματος στην ανάπτυξη της Ελαιοκαλλιέργειας μόνο στην Κρήτη. Το ελαφρύ μεσογειακό κλίμα που την κατέχει και το άπλετο φως είναι οι βασικές προϋποθέσεις για να αναπτυχθεί η πολύτιμη  Ελιά, αναπτυσσόμενη έξοχα λόγω του  γόνιμου εδάφους της Κρήτης.   Σε αυτήν την ιδιαίτερη περιοχή θέλησε να ξεκινήσει η «Οικογένεια Κακουλάκη» πολλά χρόνια πριν την Καλλιέργεια της Ελιάς, με ιδιαίτερη προσοχή από τους καλύτερους ιδιόκτητους Ελαιώνες, επεξεργάζοντάς τες με τον παλιό παραδοσιακό τρόπο, για να τις προσφέρουν σε όλους εσάς συσκευασμένες και έτοιμες στο τραπέζι σας.   Έχοντας την γνώση αλλά και το μεράκι του Παραγωγού κάνουν όλα τα στάδια επεξεργασίας του καρπού με τον πιο φυσικό αλλά και γνήσιο Κρητικό παραδοσιακό τρόπο ξεχωρίζοντας εξαρχής στην τοπική αγορά αλλά και στην υπόλοιπη Ελλάδα για όλους εσάς.   Στόχος αλλά και σκοπός μας είναι η πλήρης ικανοποίηση των πελατών μας, καλύπτοντας πάντα και τις πιο δύσκολες απαιτήσεις που μπορούν να προκύψουν.    Τα προϊόντα μας Όλα μας τα προϊόντα παράγονται χωρίς συντηρητικά με τον πιο φυσικό - παραδοσιακό τρόπο και διατίθενται για χονδρική (σε επιχειρήσεις και καταστήματα) αλλά και λιανική πώληση.      ΚΑΠΠΑΡΙΑΝΑ - ΜΟΙΡΕΣ, Ηράκλειο 70400 / Ηρακλείου Τηλ: 2892024040 Κιν: 6977502130, 6976332020  


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    6977502130, 6976332020
  • Cretian Feast - Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs - Cretan Herbs, Kokolakis Konstantinos, Aromatic Herbs Maheri

    Cretian Feast Aromatic & Medicinal Herbs About Us: Cretan Feast was founded in 2010 and is based in the village of Maheri in Apokoronas, Chania, Crete. Our products are organic and the cultivation principles are based on the Cretan diet. We offer you a wide variety of herbs which are grown at the foot of the White Mountains of Crete at an altitude of 400 meters and products made out of these herbs such as oinments, soap, essential oils and water from their distillation in the form of sprays . We also offer you extra virgin olive oil, which is carefully selected from the area of Apokoronas, as well as certified organic olive oil cultivated and producted by Kokolakis family. Ultimatelly we offer you balsam dressing enriched with pezyme and essential oils, natural untreated sea salt from the salt pits of Chania and thyme honey of our own production . Traditional, high quality products, from the Cretan land... We aim to keep the high quality of our products through controlled cultivation, to packaging and distribution, as everything is supervised by Kokolaki family. Some of our products: Herbs, essences, ointments, distillation water, sea salt, handmade soaps, olive oil, balsam dressing.     Our products Contact Us: Tel. 2825041774 | Mob. 6977388086 Email: info@cretianfeast.gr


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    Maheri, Apokoronou - Crete - Chania
  • Edodimopolio Traditional Products Monemvasia Laconia - Local Products - Mead - Malvalia Wine - Wines - Organic Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Aloe - Honey - Traditional Cosmetics - Local Traditional Monas

    TRADITIONAL SHOP TRADITIONAL Grocery MONEMVASIA TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS MONEMVASIA-LAKONIA TRADITIONAL LOCAL ITEMS - HYDROMELI - MALVALIA WINE ORGANIC OLIVE OIL - EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ALOE- HONEY- WINES MONEMVASIA HANDMADE TRADITIONAL LOCAL COSMETICS UNIQUE CREATIONS FROM LACONIC EARTH E-SHOP OF TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS In the beautiful MONEMVASIA - LAKONIA is the EDODIMOPOLIO, a traditional grocery store. It is a family business that has been operating since 2009. Our main concern is quality, which is perfectly connected with health. We passionately try to offer the best products at the best market prices. We have ensured for you the quality of our products, so that they remain unchanged, with their aroma, special taste and freshness. We produce and standardize them in our unit, observing all the required safety and hygiene conditions, in order to maintain their color and taste. In us you will find a wide variety of packages and varieties. OUR PRODUCTS Malvalia wine Mead Biological olive oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (our production) Wines Aloe Honey Traditional Cosmetics Soaps etc. VISIT OUR WEBSITE, TO SEE OUR PRODUCTS AND VERY GOOD PRICES We can supply them to you, at retail in our space, but also from our online store. Yours sincerely, Shoemaker Fotini


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    Monemvasia - Lakonia

    On the western slope of the mountain Taygetos, on an altitude of 800 meters, we grow organic herbs and multiply the native herbs of the area (thyme, savory, sage, hypericum, cistus). Our cultivation focuses on Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) and Oregano (Origanum Vulgare subsp. Hirtum),two varieties which, in this environment, provide plants of superior therapeutic value. Every part of the process, from the planting and cultivation up until the collection of the herbs, takes place manually, with gentle natural methods. After years of experience and knowledge, we distillthe herbs in our own alembic, condensing therefore all thei therapeutic properties, in 100% pure essential oils and flower waters.   BIO ORGANIC LAVENDER ANGUSTIFOLIA, OREGANO HIRTUM, BIO HERBS TAYGETOS (THYME, SAVORY, SAINT JOHN'S WORT, SAGE, CISTUS). BIO ESSENTIAL OILS AND WATER FLOWERS IDEAL FOR AROMATOTHERAPY. BIO ESSENTIAL OILS - WATER FLOWERS (GERANIUM, SAGE, LAVENDER ANGUSTIFOLIA, OREGANO HIRTUM, ROSE DAMASCINA, CISTUS, LAURUS NOBILIS, BASIL, THYME, EUCALYPTUS). EXTRACTS IN BIO OLIVE OIL: HYPERICUM .


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    KENTRO AVIAS MANH - Messinia
  • Georgian Oven - Thone Georgia - Traditional Georgian Products Athens - Georgian Cuisine

    Entering Fourno Thone, at Demertzi 22, you are greeted by the smell of warm bread and freshly cooked traditional Georgian food.   Sit inside if it's cold or else at the tables we have in the square and choose from our list what you like! All our dishes are traditionally cooked the way our grandmothers used to make them.   We suggest you try traditional cheese pie, the well-known "khachapuri" made with a delicious cheese we bring from Georgia, something between feta and mozzarella, "sulguni" and our peignirli called "atzaruli khachapuri" with the same cheese and honey egg. It is pure pleasure to break the yolk and enjoy this unique rich taste! The Georgian "khinkali" that we fill with different ingredients according to your preference; cheese, potato, mushrooms or minced meat and are eaten by hand!   The pelmeni, the ingredients of which are similar to those of khinkali, and after boiling them with a little cream and herbs, they are placed in an individual clay tsoukalaki, covered with a thin sheet of dough and placed in the oven. Once the dough is golden brown, they are ready!   As for vegans, our Thone oven has two cold dishes as options; aubergine with walnut and a little garlic and balls with spinach, various herbs and a little grated walnut.   Don't forget to try our closing sweets! Cakes in various flavors & millefeuilles ...   Also, if you are in the center, we deliver within a radius of a few kilometers.   Contact us to get to know Georgian specialties and if you already know them, to remember our homeland! Our flavors take you back in time!    


    Demertzi 22 - Athens
  • Haritos Hotel - Hotel Mandraki Nisyros - Accomodation Nisyros

    Hotel Haritos Hotel Nisyros   Haritos Hotel is a 6-minute walk from Mandraki Beach, just 500 meters from the beach. It features an outdoor pool with thermal water and a furnished terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea. Haritos rooms have a simple and simple décor, a balcony or patio overlooking the sea or the pool. They include air conditioning and a wardrobe. The private bathroom is equipped with a shower, hairdryer and towels. Daily cleaning service is available. You can relax on the sun loungers by the pool and enjoy a cold coffee or a refreshing drink from the snack bar. At 300 meters. from the accommodation there are restaurants and mini-markets. Haritos Hotel is only 150 meters away. from the port of Mandraki, from where the ferries depart to Kos and Leros. The village of Pali is very close, accessible at 5 km. On-site parking facilities can be used free of charge.   MANDRAKI - NISYROS | 2242031322, 6932242481    


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    Mandraki - Nisiros

    Traditional Cretan products, handmade soaps, spices, organic cosmetics, handmade olive wood, cast glass. The Cellar of Helen generated on 27/04/2006. It is a corner of traditional products for all tastes. Here you will find liqueurs, sweets and other delicacies, pickles (artichokes, bulbs), oil, wine, raki and honey, spices and herbs, a wide variety of organic cosmetics and soaps, organic herbal extracts and essential oils, handmade wooden jewelry and other items, handmade creations cast glass and many more.


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  • Homemade Liqueurs New Heraklion - Jams New Heraklion - Spoon Sweets, Candles, Easter Lamps & Chocolates New Heraklion

    Traditional homemade flavors of spoon sweets, jams, liqueurs and concentrated juices all with Hellenic era fruits. Choose them as bunnies at weddings and christenings for sweet treats! Homemade Liqueurs They are served in a variety of ways: on their own, with ice, with coffee, with cream or other blends to make cocktails. Pomegranate, Strawberry, Mastic, Mandarin, Sour Cherry, Amaretto. In a 500im bottle worth 10 € Jams Undoubtedly one of my favorite combinations to start the day. Not by accident. Jams have significant nutritional value and are inextricably linked to Mediterranean diet and philosophy. We have all the classic flavors of orange, strawberry, sour cherry, apricot. In jars 450 grams worth 5 € Spoon sweets Their enjoyment also demands the pleasures of life. A spoonful of sweet on a glass saucer, with a glass of cold water and no rush to let your senses enjoy its fragrance, its color, its crisp body and its sweetness. In jars 900 g worth 7 €. Contact us for available flavors. Concentrated Juices In a 500im bottle worth 5 €   Homemade liqueurs, Neo Heraklion. Marmalades, New Heraklion. Spoon sweets, New Heraklion.


    49, Ikaron - Neo Irakleio
  • Honey - Olive Oil Confectioneries Sitia Lasithiou - Traditional Sweet Sitia - Handmade Traditional Sweet Sitia Ierapetra Lasithi Crete - Pastry Shop Sitia Lasithi Crete - Wedding Treats, Baptisms & Communities

    GAREFALAKIS NIKOLAOS HONEY OIL CONFECTIONERY SITIA IERAPETRA LASITHI CRETE TRADITIONAL SWEET SWEETS LASITHI CRETE HANDMADE SWEET CRETE SITIA LASITHI WEDDING WEDDING SWEETS LASITHI CRETE WELL TRADITIONAL FOR SOCIAL EVENTS SITIA IERAPETRA LASITHI CRETE LOCAL GREEK PRODUCTS OF LASITHI CRETE TRADITIONAL TRADITIONAL HANDMADE SWEET LASITHI CRETE CONFECTIONERY LASITHIOU CRETE LABORATORY The honey-oil pastry workshop located in Sitia in Lasithi is a family run business with many years of experience in making handmade Cretan sweets. With respect to the Sitia tradition, we create sweet nostalgic flavors, traditional recipes without preservatives and colors. for all your social events Sweets and treats for weddings, christenings, banquets, conferences, inaugurations. ..We accept orders from Lasithi Prefecture of Crete but we can ship all over Greece !! In our pastry shop you will find: · Pears, Sitia · Xerotigana, Sitia · Raisins, Sitia · Almonds, Sitia · Cookies, Sitia · Caliconia with yeast, Sitia · Torches, Sitia · Upscale cookies (with yeast), Sitia · Melomakarona, Sitia · Curambiedes - Patouda, Sitia · Loukoumades, Sitia · Sitia brochures We are waiting for you to taste the traditional recipes that remain unchanged in time, as well as the brand new suggestions of GAREFALAKI NIKOLAOU MELLI-OIL CONFECTIONERY that offer unique tasting experiences and satisfy even the most demanding customers. STORE OPERATING HOURS Daily from 8.30am until 2.30pm and from 5.30pm until 9pm AND SUNDAY


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    71-75, Musonos Str - Sitia
  • Ilis farm | Dried fruits - Nuts - Raisin trade - Black Corinthian Raisin - Raisins Athens

    Ilis Farm Corinthian raisin ______ About us Ilis Farm is a family business that cultivates, standardizes and markets Corinthian raisins that it produces on agricultural land in the village of Peristeri Amaliadas. The idea of the business was born to the young son of the family, Yiannis Alexopoulos, who about eight years ago decided to leave Athens and start cultivating Corinthian raisins on the family property. Although until then he had nothing to do with the land and agricultural production, having studied as an aircraft electrician, Mr. Alexopoulos, when faced with the dilemma of Greece or abroad, made the decision to start cultivating the unexploited family lot in his village. Ilis Farm is located in the village of Peristeri Amaliadas and cultivates Corinthian raisins on privately owned agricultural lands, while it has 70-80 acres of legumes and 11 acres of olive groves. With attention to detail and dedication to the production process, Ilis Farm seeks to produce high quality products and preserve the tradition of the currant. In 2022, in collaboration with Mr. Stavros Lefkaros, a graduate of the business administration department of the University of the Aegean, founded the company ALEXOPOULOS-LEFKAROS OE. The company took over the production of dried raisins and the marketing of nuts. The company's goal is to provide complete marketing and packaging services for dried fruits and nuts, offering our customers excellent quality and taste. The packaging and standardization of our products is done in our laboratory in Agioi Anargyrou, Attica. Here we apply high quality and safety standards to ensure that each of our products reaches our customers in perfect condition. Our company maintains a food safety management system with HACCP certification. This allows us to ensure the safety and hygiene of our products throughout the production, packaging and distribution process. Ilis Farm has developed successful partnerships in the market to date. One of our partnerships includes supplying ILIS FARM products to supermarket chains. In addition, we supply retail stores and export our products to Cyprus, offering the authentic taste of our products at an international level. At Ilis Farm, we pay attention to the quality and variety of our products. The black currant and petimezi are of our production, they come from our crops and represent the tradition and quality that distinguish us. In addition, we carefully select and work with elite producers for the rest of our products in order to ensure the high quality and authentic taste that we have set as a standard in our company.   Our product range currently includes the following packaged nuts: 1. BLACK CORINTHIAN RAISINS package 200GR 2. BLONDE RAISINS (SULTANINA) package 200GR 3. GREEK BAKED PEANUTS IN SHELLS with salt 170GR package 4. ALMOND NUTS BAKED PYRANIA HELLENIKI Unsalted package 150GR 5. ALMOND NUTS BAKED FIRANIA HELLENIKI with salt 150GR package 6. ALMOND NUTS RAW FIRANIA package 150GR 7. WALNUT ½ GREEK package 100GR 8. BAKED CASHEWS Unsalted Import package 170GR 9. CASHEWS BAKED with Imported Salt package 170GR 10. BAKED NUTS package 160GR 11. RAISINS (PETIMEZI) 370 GR The packaging of our products is kraft DOYPACK type with ziplock, fully recyclable.   Contact us to learn more about our products and their prices. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST      


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    Parnithos 51, Agii Anargiri - Attica
    6982201107, 6972338669
  • Kofterou Dimitra - Traditional Products Aridea Pella - Pasta Aridea

    My name is Dimitra Kofterou, I am a resident of Rodonia - Tsakonia N. Pellis and I own the pasta workshop. My business slogan is "To know what pasta we eat". The company is a small workshop that works with great care. I use locally sourced milk, traditional chicken eggs and top quality flour. Due to the lack of peasant eggs in September - October November production is reduced in these months. We work more with ready-to-order (wholesale - retail) and service delivery, that is, you bring your own materials and make whatever you want, by appointment.


    Kato Rodonia - Tsakones - ARIDAIA
  • Konstantinos Triantafyllou - Traditional Sweets Ioannina - Confectionery Ingredients Ioannina

    Gianniotiko Paradosiako Traditional Jams Ioannina   The company "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" of KONSTANTINOS TRIANTAFILLOU is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Ioannina and it has been operating since 1920. It occupies with the preparation of all sweets and raw materials of confectionery.   In modern facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, we produce sweets combining the traditional way of manufacturing with modern industrial technology, offering high quality features.   All of our products carry chemical analysis certificates to guarantee consumers.   Our factory has a large customer base that extends nationwide and supplies its products through travel agencies in many regions of Greece.   All our years of operation, our main goal is to keep the quality of our products unchanged, to provide correct and prompt service to our customers and to continuously extend our range of products in order to enjoy the whole of Greece "GIANNIOTIKO PARADOSIAKO" .    


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    Industrial Area of Ioannina - Ioannina
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