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  • Bachos Themis & Sons - Construction Athina - Beta Agioi Anargyroi - Tile Roofs - Buildings - Plastering - Renovations - Stone Building Agioi Anargyroi Athens

    With years of experience we undertake concrete constructions, construction work, building plastering, house renovations. tile roofing, stone building etc. We serve you directly from where you call us in Attica and in Tripoli!


    67, Ipeirou Str. - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Building Works - Conractors Agioi Anargyroi - Athens - Attica - Ece Constructions - Renovations - Insulation - Painting Contractors

    Ece Constructions is headquartered in Mykonia Attica and undertakes construction and contracting of all kinds in Agioi Anargyroi and the rest of Attica.   With an experienced team of craftsmen of all kinds and many years of experience in the field we undertake the renovation of houses, shops and business premises by delivering them "hand in hand".   Our services cover a wide range of construction work including plumbing and electrical work, as well as insulation. We respond promptly and responsibly to your every call and at the most affordable market rates.


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    25th Martiou 5 - Agioi Anargiroi

    Chemway produces and markets professional cleaning of all types throughout and chemical products and maintenance crews. Founded in 1993 by Christos Iliadakis, expert in dealing and manufacturing industrial products and cleaning items. Soon the company expanded its activities throughout Greece and can handle any big or small order in no time. The central warehouses and offices are in Peristeri, street Artis 7. Our Vision: 'Vision is to further expand the market share we already possess, offering certified products and high level of care services that meet the needs of our customers. Sectors / enterprise solutions: The Chemway provide products with excellent specifications and even at the best market prices. Our extensive engagement with the field of production and trade of professional products enables us to offer solutions to the use of specialized products to even the most difficult parts cleaning, such as warehouses, factories, industrial sites, workshops airport garages and in more simply as offices, shops, corporate complexes, stadiums, exhibition halls, etc. The product range covers: Detergents of all categories for each period and space Systems and cleaning equipment Cleaning chemicals Stationery all categories and each use Garbage bags and all products for cleaning the business premises The company also produces: Spray industrial and workshop Chemicals Workshop Cleaning materials and supplies plastic and paper workshop Markets products industrial famous brands of domestic and abroad, such as machinery and equipment cleaning mixer devices for kitchen or bathroom, electric cleaning machines, bins, door mats, carpets and many other species. Delivery: H delivery is immediate and we guarantee delivery of our products to your place within 48 hours. Clients: Thousands of our customers enjoy the special treatment and excellent service from the staff of our partners who also curated the hassle delivery of our products. In the list of our important clients stand out large companies and organizations, including: 1. AEGEAN AIRLINES-AEGEAN Two. GROUP VASILAKI (TECHNOCAR-VAKAR-VELMAR) Three. NATIONAL CENTER FOR BLOOD 4. GENERAL BANK (all stores) 5. CHURCH OF GREECE 6. ERT 7. INTERAMERICAN 8. INFOTE 9. STAR CHANNEL 10. HOUSE Navy 11. MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS 12. MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ORDER 13. ATHENS EXCHANGE 14. TT 15. KORFIATIS ABEE-BMW 16. XANIADAKIS 17. TSOKAS 18. AFI KASSOUDAKI 19. MOT AUTOVISION 20. GOLDAIR 21. GREEK PETROLEUM 22. Maraslios EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION 23. GEN - CA (BUILDING CLEANING) 24. EKALI SA 25. NCSS MERCENDES 26. FACILITY PLUS 27. ECOBLUE ETC. Sincerely For CHEMWAY Iliadakis Christos stationery Consumables detergents devices chemicals Garages


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    ARTIS 7 & PIERIAS STR. - Agioi Anargiroi

    Our company provides services with professionalism, consistency, respect for the customer with modern machines and latest technology always very friendly prices.    We monthly maintenance:  factories    Block of flats  public Services  hotels  Partnerships with municipalities  Pest - Rodent intervening effectively to combat pests - rodents and bacteria that pose a risk to public health.

    Category: APOFRAKSEIS

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    Leof. Fylis 31 - Agioi Anargiroi
    6986812804, 6978060180

    Founded in 1952, PHOENIX aims to manufacture and market household electrical appliances of unparalleled quality and European specifications designed to facilitate every housewife. We place great emphasis on developing and improving our products using new manufacturing and quality control methods for the best possible result, unmatched quality and consumer protection. All appliances are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. All our products are GREEK manufactured, manufactured to the strictest European safety standards and CE certified.


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    Konstantinoupoleos 76 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Eurotax Accounting Office Agioi Anargyroi West Attica - Accountant - Tax Office - Payroll - Tax Returns - Accounting Services - Bookkeeping

    EUROTAX TSANTILAS ATHANASIOS ACCOUNTANT AGIOS ANARGYROS ACCOUNTING OFFICE COMPUTER SERVICES TAX OFFICE - ACCOUNTANT - TAX TECHNICIANS TAX DECLARATIONS-LABOR - PROPERTY STATEMENT E9 BOOK KEEPING - ACCOUNTING SERVICES - PAYMENTS AGIOS ANARGYROS - WEST ATTICA The accounting firm was founded in 2012 by Mr. Tsantilas Athanasios and continues with an extremely successful course. It is based in AGIOS ANARGYROS - ATTICA and is active in the field of accounting - tax affairs. It is fully computerized with accounting and tax programs that are constantly upgraded based on new laws and regulations. Our many years of experience combined with our excellent customer service, consistency and reliability, we have built a relationship of trust with our customers. We have knowledge and experience with professionalism and reliability to offer comprehensive services with confidentiality and competitive prices. SERVICES Bookkeeping Computer services Tax Services Bookkeeping Starting and Ending Businesses Payroll Labor Asset status E9 Consultants to companies OUR GOAL is to provide reliable solutions at all times to companies of all categories, but also to individuals. For any information and additional information, we are at your disposal. WE SERVE AGIOS ANARGYROS - ALL THE SURROUNDING AREAS - WEST ATTICA AND WHERE ELSE WE ARE REQUESTED. Yours sincerely, Tsantilas Athanasios

    Category: ACCOUNTANTS

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    Sophocles Venizelou 68 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Freight Forwarding - Moving Companies - Moving Supplies - Lifting Machine - Transportation Moving Agios Anargyri Attica - Crane Vehicles - All Type Of Transportation In Greece & Outside Greece

    RUMELIOTIS NIKOS Shipping, based in Agioi Anargyroi, Attica, specializes in transportation and relocation within the prefecture of Attica, offering complete solutions for the transportation of your cargoes consistently and professionally. We handle distribution within Attica and also serve Boeotia, Euboea, Corinthia, all over Greece, as well as in freight agencies.  With years of experience in the field of transport and a well-organized workshop, experienced staff, trucks and cranes, Roumeliotis offers services where safety, consistency and speed are a must. In addition to the lowest market prices we also offer special offers packages to STUDENTS and MILITARY. Agioi Anargyri Lifting Company undertakes with consistency, security and professionalism that it is necessary for a complete removal, handling the most difficult moves successfully. The company has: Trucks - cars of different sizes, for all your needs in Attica and all over Greece. Removable lifting machinery Cranes of various types for the transport and installation of heavy objects and machinery wherever you designate us (buildings, houses, companies, etc.). Specialized staff for packing and shipping your items We carefully pack and refit your household, furniture and equipment and place them on the floor you want without damage and without the use of a lifting machine. Our transportation guarantees safe moving, whether you are a private or a business, without you having the slightest stress. Our happy customers, who trust us and honor us with their choice, are for us a confirmation of the work we offer and of our excellent service. merchandise distributors saint anargytic attic voyeur euboea corinthians nationwide moving companies saint anargytic attic boeotia euboea corinths nationwide removals household saints anargytic Attic Boeotia Euboea Corinths all over Greece transportation removable saints anargytic Attic Boeotia Euboea Corinths all over Greece crane vehicles saint anargytic attic voyeur euboea corinthia panhellenic transport roumeli saints anargytic attic voyeur euboea corinthians panhellenic removable saints anargytic Attic Boeotia Euboea Corinths all over Greece transport saints anargytic Attic Boeotia Euboea Corinths all over Greece removable saints anargyts attic Attic Boeotia Euboea Corinths all over Greece transportation with saints anargyts attic ancestral euboean euboea corinthians

    Category: TRANSPORT

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    38, Bizaniou Str. - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Gypsum Boards Agioi Anargyroi - False Ceilings - Cement Boards - Pappas Georgios - Plaster Decorations - Gypsum Renovations Agioi Anargyroi

    PAPPAS GEORGIOS PAPPAS GEORGIOS is based in Galatsi, Attica, and is active in the field of Plaster Decorations, Gypsum Renovations of Gypsum Structures, Insulations and Heat Insulations. The experience I have gained in the field of plasterboard since 2000, the hard work and the passion for my profession are the guarantee of achieving my goals, which are none other than the provision of high quality services and the absolute satisfaction even of the most demanding customer. Our specialized staff provides direct service from where we are requested in Galatsi, N. Ionia, Perissos, Philadelphia, Anargyroi, Piraeus, Athens and throughout Attica. WHAT WE OFFER Our main activity is the area of ​​construction and decoration with plasterboard. Plasterboard is a light and versatile material with excellent moisture and fire behavior. It is widely used in the renovation and decoration of interior and exterior space and in special constructions such as shelves, hidden lighting, fireplaces, etc. Partition walls and special plasterboard constructions are solid, anti-seismic and lightweight, resulting in low stresses. Some of their main advantages are that they can be painted, covered with wallpaper or tiles, insulated and combined with special lighting to create an impressive end result. They also offer unlimited possibilities of flexibility for architectural and aesthetic interventions, they have a really cheaper cost than conventional building construction, and the time requirements of plasterboard construction are around 1/4 of the conventional. Our crew undertakes responsibly the execution of any construction with absolute reliability and success INNOVATIONS - ORIGINALS We offer the customer the opportunity to present an electronic model through which he will be able to see, compare and make the right and optimal decision. More specifically, after discussing with him to understand his requirements and to listen to our own proposals, we end up with a project that does not have to imagine how it will be ... Simply, he will be able to see it! We give him the opportunity to intervene in the construction by adding, removing or modifying pieces without any hassle and without any financial burden. For more details, select from the main menu the DRY CONSTRUCTION With the term dry building we call the construction of buildings without the use of traditional materials (concrete, bricks, cement, sand, lime etc), but with the help of standardized new technology products (gypsum boards, cement boards, mineral fibers). Dry building is now widespread as plaster-based building systems offer ultimate architectural freedom as well as a new dimension in interior design. It is a modern technology in the field of construction, which gradually replaces the building with heavy partitions and ceilings indoors and outdoors. Drywall products and systems find applications in constructions with increased design requirements, physical properties of buildings and aesthetics as well as in applications such as, for example, non-load-bearing partitions, linings, ceilings, floors, facades, FOOTWEAR WITH GYPSOSANIDES These false ceilings are made of simple plasterboard fixed to a horizontal frame of metallic beams which is at a suitable distance from the roof. The metal frame of the false ceiling is suspended from metallic perforated sheets or cables fixed to the roof bearing plate. In order to enhance the thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection offered by the false ceiling made of plasterboard, suitable materials, mainly in the form of duvets, are placed at the top. Also arched false ceilings, as well as curved partitions, can be made of plasterboard by means of special frameworks, since plaster boards are elasticated to fit in long radius curvatures. METALLIC FALSE Metal false ceilings are made of aluminum or steel sheet. They are unpainted and perforated and cover a wide range of applications. Their advantages focus on easy installation, excellent sound insulation, excellent moisture resistance, easy cleaning and a wide range of colors. DEFINITIONS-INTERNAL CONFIGURATION Drywall partitions are a lightweight, flexible, economical, fast and wear-free solution. They are ideal for areas where a change of layout or a new configuration is required. They are simply and meticulously placed either in office buildings, while the business continues to operate either in residences.


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    24-28 Dimokratias Avenue - Agioi Anargiroi

    Trade of fresh fruits and vegetables at the best prices on the market. At our groceries you will always find a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables of excellent quality. Our core competencies in new business development, negotiation and management can be the answer to your needs. We strive to inspire our customers with appropriate and innovative proposals. Choose from our wide range of services. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or remark. Check out our products at the e-shop In the past few years we have enriched our range of products with fresh organic vegetables and fruits but also with dried fruits. For what we are proud of is the level of service we offer as we distribute your home order to: homes, shops and where else you want. But what does the term mana? So how does the ideal grocery store imagine in our minds? Would it look like what we see and shop for, which have remained in the time of Zikos and the wonderful Hadjichristos? Unfortunately, most grocery stores ignore the needs of the modern consumer. So let's all of us like to be the grocery store in our neighborhood and we do it for you: 1. The grocery store and staff must be happy and laughable. Respect for the customer is also the cleanliness. The grocery store must be shining. 2. Pears must clearly indicate their origin. In particular, know what we eat and where. Of course and by whom. 3. What is a greenhouse? What is fresh? It must also be visible to the consumer. 4. The grocery store must have a site. Now the world does not trust anyone who does not know from elemental technology at all; it is thought to be slow in its decisions and concerts. When the customer does not have time for shopping and itineraries by working, the online store frees both the consumer and us as shopkeepers from working hours anxiety. 5. Zikos in '65 took the bicycle orders to the houses. But in 2015? Distribution at home and end of consumer routes. Health street ... fruit store in Agioi Anargyroi.


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    Leoforos Dimokratis 186 - Agioi Anargiroi

    Heating, Maintenance Burners - Natural Gas.


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    11 KERKIRAS - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Jamaica Coffee - Import & Distribution Espresso Coffee Athens - Blue Mountain - Espresso Machines - Chocolates

    JAMAICA COFFEE IMPORTS was established in 2008 and is the exclusive representative of the Italian company JAMAICA COFFEE CORPORATION'S S.R.L. Its main goal is to introduce and distribute high quality Caribbean coffee varieties to create more and more high-demand enthusiasts every day. With the cooperation of major Italian companies such as MORETTO S.P.A., AKBAR TEA, TOSCHI VIGNOLA S.R.L, and EUREKA CONTI VALERIO S.R.L, it aims at total satisfaction and acceptance by its customers. Based on the expertise of good espresso, continuous updating and searching for new products, these are what make JAMAICA COFFEE extremely competitive in the Greek market, with its main concern being continuous improvement and renewal.

    Category: NUTS – COFFEE

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    37, Mpizaniou Str. - Agioi Anargiroi

    KAPENIS EVANGELOS - CAR SERVICE Authorized Car Service - Agioi Anargyroi Attica Kapenis Evangelos Car Service is based in Agioi Anargyroi Attica, undertaking the service of your car with care and professionalism. We are an authorized LADA workshop and we also specialize in SEAT, SKODA, WV, AUDI brands.   We have years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to fix any electrical or mechanical problems in your vehicle. Our highly technically trained staff are always at your disposal for a complete service of your car and for any damage it may cause. We ensure an excellent result with your primary concern being your own safety. We have the most affordable market prices serving all of Athens.   Replacement: Engine Oil - Oil Filter - Spark Plug - Air Filter - Dust Filter - Gasoline Filter - Valvolines

    Category: CAR SERVICE

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    PARTHITHOS 12 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Komianos Aris - Plumbing Installations Agioi Anargyroi Athens - Natural Gas - Solar Energy Agioi Anargyroi - Plumbing Installations Agioi Anargyroi - Plumbing Installations

    We offer you a full range of plumbing services, from the repair of dripping taps to the replacement of pipes in the sewerage network, with all the work guaranteed. We have years of experience in providing home and commercial repairs and pipe replacement, sewerage and drainage, high pressure cleaning services and underground leaks. Our plumbers are experienced, efficient and professional. You can be sure that you will receive high quality services. We also work with workshops that perform work per item with guaranteed operation of each construction Based on the immediate service, our experience and your trust, we build, repair, implement your proposals with our own corresponding facilities.


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    Deligianni 33 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Kremmyda Aikaterini - Marble and Monument Processing - Monument Construction - Agioi Anargyroi - Athens - Attica

    We deal with all kinds of marble work and constructions. Wall and marble fireplaces Marble Floors - Placements of marbles Polishing - processing of marbles Construction of monuments and graves


    10 Koimiseos Theotokou Str. - Agioi Anargiroi

      LiosiswooD Woodworks & Wooden Structures - Agioi Anargyroi Attica   LiosiswooD is a family business, counting over 40 years of tradition in the field of woodworking and construction. We work with art and passion in the field of furniture and all kind of constructions by combining our experience with the desires and aesthetics of each customer.   Quality raw materials and dedication to our work, until we reach the desired result, characterize our work and have ranked us high in customers' preferences. Our goal is to satisfy the customer, with respect to their desires and preferences, through elegant and functional constructions.   Contact us so as to visit your place and decide on your space's needs. A space study, design, manufacture and installation of furniture is carried out. We also undertake the maintenance and repair of furniture in order to look like new ones again.            

    Category: WOODWORKING

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    40, LEFKOSIAS STREET - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Nempotaki - Arapaki - General Cleaning Acharnes Menidi - Acharnes Athens Cleaning - Cleaning Services - Cleaning Block of flats Acharnes Menidi

    THE COMPANY NICE CLEAR NEMPOTAKI FOTINI - ARAPAKI MARIA is based on ACHARNES ATTICA. It is a modern Cleaning Company, active for many years in the general cleaning Cleaning initial cleanings, either private or commercial properties.   We continue a successful career with premium trained staff, providing high quality services. With steady steps and for the immediate satisfaction of the customer who seeks the best quality work, an ever created growing and dynamic company in the professional cleaning service space. Our company ensures that the cleaning crews who has created in all tasks which are distinguished by responsibility - security - quality and always in the best financial solution to the customer. Since the beginning of the establishment of our company based on the following principles, which contribute to development and progress. Respect customer and address space as if it is our space.   We accommodate the needs. Immediate response to any need occur in the cleaning sector. Immediate solution of any problem that may occur with good intention of solving. Building mutual trust Respect of motivation and human resources, to offer his best to the customer service. Because for our cleaning expertise is not simple.   The services we provide to individuals and business areas are: General cleaning services INITIAL CLEANING   The initial cleaning with the preparation of a building, either after manufacture or refurbishment. It is very important to specific cleaning be carried out by experienced staff, with the right equipment, because the risk to shaken free to air your investment is large. maintenance monthly cleaning buildings apartment buildings, newly built apartments initial purification only 1.50 Euro per square meter stairwells Crystallization flooring is a floor grinding process and removing any scratches on it.   Give your marble or mosaic amazing shine Secure the polishing resistance over time, increasing the hardness of the marble surface. Increase the floor resistance to wear Highlight and prove their natural colors of marble exhibition areas offices Shops - shop windows gyms banks faculties - institutions restaurants villas, studios, hotels clinics cleaning ships vessels (THE CABINS AND LOUNGES FOR VESSELS) facades inscriptions tents, window cleaning by lifting appliances Washers high pressure machines hot and cold water. Folding poles to 9 meters. Window-cleaning tools (fur & tires, floor scrapers, sharpeners). Immediate response 24 hours a day with immediate response emergency (ice breaking, flooding etc.).   We have modern equipment, machinery KARCHER and provide complete solutions. The detergents we use are ecologically and environmentally friendly. The long trust of our customers, is important for us and reciprocate with loyalty to your needs.   Call us without any commitment from you, to look at your site and get the costs allocated. Because for us cleanliness is experience, consistently and expertise.   THANK YOU FOR THE LONG YEAR TRUST YOU SHOW US. NEMPOTAKI FOTINI - MARIA ARAPAKI   WE SERVE WHERE'S REQUESTED IN ATTICA ACHARNES, KAMATERO, PEANIA, PALLINI, GERAKAS, GLYFADA, VOULIAGMENI, VARI, VOULA, PEFKI, VRILISSIA.


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    24, Agias Paraskeuis Str. - Agioi Anargiroi
    6987248624, 6947910891, 6974966406
  • Nikolopoulos Vassilis - Urologist Surgeon - Urine Incontinents Agioi Anargyroi

    Dr. Nikolopoulos Vassilis Doctor of University of Naples, Italy T. Curator of the Urology Clinic of G.N.A. "The Hope"   Member of the European Urological Society (F.E.B.U.)   Diseases: Kidney, bladder, prostate, lithiasis, urinary incontinence, andrological diseases


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    Fili Avenue 14 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Patsoulas Dimitrios - Earthworks Chalandri - Demolition Chalandri Athens - Excavations Chalandri Athens

    Understanding the perceptions of modern lifestyles and the experience of years that governs us, since we are in the second generation, we would like to inform you that we have the experience and know-how to cope with any a problem arises, which is related to the issue of the sheds of each dwelling, whether it concerns the construction of new ones, replacement of old ones, alterations of existing ones, their insulation against humidity, negative load, old dams, even in confined spaces, line viruses, drainage on the ground and generally necessary in this area. We would also like to remind you that we have the ability to construct wells that have been well-established, reaching or exceeding 20 meters. In addition, being environmentally aware, we undertake the supply and installation of biological URBAN UNITS, from small houses to whole settlements with sewage treatment capabilities, up to 95% or more. Finally, it is mentioned that the earthworks sector exists in all areas, as in the case of demolitions and in interiors (renovations). He wishes to provide any information about our areas. Sincerely, Dimitrios Patsoulas

    Category: EARTHWORKS

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    Sofokli Venizelou 133 - Agioi Anargiroi
  • Plumber Agii Anargiri Attiki - Stratis Thomas - Plumbing Installations - Heating Facilities - Burners Agii Anargyri

    Plumber Agii Anargiri Attiki - Stratis Thomas - Plumbing Installations - Heating Facilities - Burners Agii Anargyri


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    Taigetou 16 - Agioi Anargiroi
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