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  • Eric - Oak Wood Trade - Despotaki - Benches - Tables - Parquet - Ano Liosia Attica

      Trade in Oak Wood Despotaki - Benches - Tables - Parquet - Ano Liosia Attiki   DZIKONSKI P.HENRYK's business is a well-established company with its headquarters at 305 Megalou Alexandrou Avenue in Ano Liosia, Attica. For years, our company has been engaged in the wholesale trade of oak wood, benches-tables, parquet and other wood products. At DZIKONSKI P.HENRYK, we are dedicated to providing high quality timber products to our customers. Oak wood is known for its strength, beauty and natural warmth. We recognize the value of this material and carefully select the best sources to source our wood. Our suppliers are also recognized for their sustainable practices and environmental protection. Our products cover a wide range of needs. From benches and tables for professional spaces such as restaurants and cafes, to parquet for domestic use, we provide products that add aesthetics and functionality to any space. Our orders are always tailored to our customers' needs, ensuring they get exactly what they want. At DZIKONSKI P.HENRYK, we attach great importance to quality and service to our customers. Our professionals are experienced and skilled in handling wood and manufacturing our products. We are always available to provide you with information, answer your questions and help choose the right products for you. In addition, we work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are fully met and that they are happy with our products. The trust of our customers is our priority and we constantly strive to maintain it through our high quality and unwavering dedication to serving our customers.   In summary, the company DZIKONSKI P.HENRYK is a reliable company active in the wholesale trade of oak wood, bench-tables, parquet and other wood products. By choosing us, you will have access to high quality products, carefully selected and specially adapted to your needs. Our team is always here to help and provide you with the best possible service. For more information or to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following phone number: 6946995959 or by email at: henryk-ateny@wp.pl. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the best experience with our products. Thank you for choosing our company.

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    305 Meg Alexandrou Ave - Ano Liosia

    VLACHAVAS BROS FIREWOOD TRADING KASTORIA - KOZANI - FLORINA The company GRAMMOS - VLACHAVAS BROS, is located at the 4th km of KOLOKYNTHOS - KASTORIA road in KASTORIA and has been active for many years in the firewood trading sector. In particular, it deals with wholesale timber trading, as well as, with the retail sale of firewood. Our wood comes mainly from the domestic market. Most of the wood we trade comes from our own logs, like all timber products. This allows us to offer high quality wood at an extremely low cost, thus meeting every need of our customers.   We serve the all over Kastoria and the surrounding Prefectures of Macedonia with speed and consistency, while transporting firewood to your place is done without any extra charge. For top quality timber, at the most affordable market prices, fast, instantly and easily. Our woods are purely domestic from the local market of GRAMMOS.            

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    4th kilometer of Kolokynthou road - Kastoria
  • Gema Wood | Trade in Round Wood - Poles PPC Grevena

    Gema Wood Trade in Round Wood - Poles PPC Grevena Our company "Gema Wood", which is based in Grevena, has been active since 1988 in the general trade of round timber, PPC poles and for the construction of facilities, always offering excellent quality products at the most competitive prices.   MODERN FACILITIES Our timber is directly accessible for visual and quality assessment.   Our wood is loaded on site and delivered to all parts of Greece and abroad.   Following the evolution of its industry, the company seeks to evolve according to the needs of the market, increasing its turnover and renewing its equipment.   Our goal all these years is the excellent and personalized service of our customers as well as meeting their needs.     Contact us or stop by our facilities located at Karaiskaki 3 in Grevena to discuss your needs and place your order

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    Office: Karaiskaki 3 Grevena, Warehouse: Western Junction of Egnatia Street - Grevena
  • Giorgos Potsetas Lumber Timber Larissa, Thessaly Timber, Larissa Lumber, Pan-Hellenic Wood, Thessaly Wood, Firewood Larissa, Pan-Hellenic Fireplace Woods

    PETSETAS GEORGIOS timber trade Thessaly, larissa, heart, trikala, magnesia, pan-Hellas wholesaler laris, laris, thessaloniki, Thessaly laris timber retailer, salsas, thalassas wood sawdust Thessaly, larisa, heart, trikala, magnesium, panhellenic wood sawdust, larissa, hearth, trikala, magnesium, panhellenic timber cutting on request panella, larva, elastane, thessaloniki firewood Thessaly, larissa, heart, trikala, magnesia, pineapple, fir, white, acacia The history of our business '' POWDER WOOD '' started in 1968 by Dimitris Petsetas and continues from 1994 until today with his son Giorgos Petsetas, as a vertical producer of a dryer sawmill and a sawmill warehouse in Elassona Larissis. timber for use in construction and construction. Sawyer (Sawmill timber): They are called pieces of sawn timber from all 4 sides and we distinguish them according to the cross sections on boards, rust, boards, boards, beams, posts, and according to the method of cutting into common sawn (sliced), in sections, in radial etc. Sawmills are distinguished for their cutting, individual texture, careful drying, proper packaging and dimensioning. The combination we have with our experience, know-how and the technology we have is a guarantee of the excellent quality of timber you are supplying. The woods - pine, fir, poplar, acacia - from the forests of Greece are made by us. We always choose the best logs and according to the rules of the forestry, the right trees are selected and cut which then ends up in our lawn. We operate: - With the marketing of timber for roofs, construction, construction. - Cutting timber to the dimensions you need on order. - Trade in firewood from acacia, pine, fir and poplar wood. Instant Nationwide Service: Thessaly, Larissa, Elassona, Trikala, Karditsa, Volos, Katerini, Pieria, Kozani, Florina, Kastoria, Imathia, Serres, Ioannina, Alexandroupolis, Giannitsa, Edessa, Grevena, Lamia, Grevena, Lamia, Grevena, Lamena Messinia, Achaia, Corinth, all over Greece. Call us and we will respond immediately Yours sincerely GEORGE PETSETAS CONTACT HOURS Daily from 8am until late in the evening and in the fasts

    Category: WOOD TRADE

    Sikea - Elassona - Larisa
  • Gougoulas Dimitris Wooden Pallets Trade Magnesia - Wooden Pallets Magnesia - Wooden Pallets for sale Magnesia

    Our company Gougoulas Dimitris which is located in Magnesia and more specifically in Almyros has been active for many years with trading and manufacturing of wooden pallets. With us you will find different types of pallets, in a variety of dimensions, used and new, and we have the ability to serve you immediately wherever you are in Magnesia but also outside the county. We have sufficient stocks of pallets and can respond promptly and economically to every requirement of our customers, even in large quantities of pallets. Thus, we have managed to win the trust of every customer and secure long-term partnerships with a large number of clients. Our company is a reliable and financially sound business and wishes to expand its partnerships with major companies in the domestic industry. With careful and steady steps, we strive to increase our presence in Greece by offering reliable products at absolutely competitive prices. SERVES ALL MAGNESIA LAW AND OUTSIDE LAW

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    1st mm Black Sea - Neochoraki - Almiros
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    1st km of Heraklia to Serres - Serres town
    6979005273, 6972775329, 6972220417

    Timber trade, domestic timber and Swedish pavilions CORBELS, roofs, firewood Greek and import. Home deliveries. Building materials, insulation materials, pellets. Headquarters: N. Silata, tel 2373071291 Branch: N. Triglia, tel 2373052163

    Category: WOOD TRADE

    NEA TRIGLIA - Chalkidiki
  • MOURLOUKOS PANAGIOTIS - Pallet Trade Arcadia - Wooden Pallets Arcadia - Timber Arcadia - Carpenters Kato Vervena Astros Kynourias Arcadia

    MOURLOUKOS PANAGIOTIS Pallet & Wood Arcadia - Carpentry Arcadia Our company "MOURLOUKOS PANAGIOTIS" which is located in Arcadia and more specifically in the area of ​​Kato Vervena - Astros Kynouria is active in the trade of pallets and timber as well as carpentry of all kinds. We have a wide variety of wooden pallets which are ideal for various uses as well as excellent quality wood for any construction you wish to make. In our modern workshop, we undertake to create any carpentry work you wish to perform in your home or business. Our goal is to always offer you the best products and the best services. We serve the whole of Arcadia immediately.

    Category: WOOD TRADE

    Kato Vervena, Astros Kynourias - Arcadia
  • Paparikos Constantinos Timber Orestiada - Building Materials Orestiada - Building Materials Orestiada

    Our company "Paparikos Constantinos" located in Orestiada, has been active for many years with the timber trade as well as with the building materials trade, always offering quality products at competitive prices. In our business in Orestiada, you can find a wide variety of building materials at the most competitive prices as well as top quality timber. We have timber for roofs, terraces and for any work you wish to accomplish. We also have a wide range of building materials for the construction and repair of your home as well as all construction materials. Insulation materials, sheets, tiles, bricks, cement etc. Visit our business in Orestiada today and be sure to find what you are looking for and at the best price in the market. Orestiada Timber Trade, Construction Materials Orestiada, Construction Materials Orestiada

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    Constantinople 23 - Orestiada
  • Sawmills Tymfi - Processing of Domestic Timber - Ioannina - Wood - Wood Processing Ioannina

    Home timber processing plant in the industrial area of Ioannina. Sawmill for construction timber, pallet timber etc.

    Category: WOOD TRADE

    Ioannina Industrial Area - Ioannina
  • Skaias Markos - Timber Mykonos - Timber Mykonos Cyclades - Building Timber - Melamine - Plywood - Wooden Frames Mykonos Cyclades

    Our business “Skaias Markos” is located in Mykonos and has been active in the timber trade for many years offering you a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices. Everyday you can find building timber, chestnut wood, fir wood, Swedish wood, despotaki, oak, nyagon, iroko, melamine, mdf, plywood, bakery, paints and varnishes, as well as wood and varnishes. The wide variety of products as well as the prompt service are some of the reasons why our customers prefer and recommend us. Our goal all these years is that our customers can always find what they need in us and always at the best price in the market. Mykonos Cyclades Timber, Building Timber Mykonos Cyclades, Mykonos Cyclades Timber, Mykonos Cyclades, Plywood Mykonos Cyclades, Wooden Frames Mykonos Cyclades, Timber Cyclades

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    Ftelia - Mykonos

    We have our own timber import: - Building (boards, planks Latakia plywood, betofilm). - Carpenters (Swedish timber, iroko, nyagkon, Ampouria, pizza Pine, white wood). We have both bare and coated MDF, melamine chipboard, Hardboard and plywood. - Timber roofs & porches Austrian offer hewn lumber, adhesives & polykoliti timber beams, darkening, misotavles & bitumen. - Timber pergolas From Swedish timber polykoliti adhesives timber. - Timber Investments, floors, parquet and wooden roof. Our prices are competitive as these products are our own admission. We have trucks transporting the products in your building

    Category: WOOD TRADE

  • Timber Drama - ISAAKIDIS SA - PPC Pillars - Firewood Trade Drama Serres - Sawn Timber Macedonia Thrace - Impregnated Timber Nationwide - Raw Timber Drama

    timber trade drama, macedonia, nationwide retail, wholesale of firewood columns wooden --- pens dei --- pens ote round wood --- sawn wood impregnated wood --- raw wood firewood --- sawmill The company "ISAKIDIS" was created by Mr. Michalis Isaakidis in 1980 in Kalampaki, Drama and traded in firewood. He gave, gives and will give special importance to the supplies of firewood, constantly controlling the logging both in terms of quality and quantity. He selects the best wood from all the Forest Offices of Macedonia and Thrace and always makes sure that there are plenty in the company's facilities, especially during the winter months. - The retail sale of firewood of the company covers needs throughout the Prefecture of Drama, the Prefecture of Kavala and the Prefecture of Serres either in Soridon (in bulk) or in Pallet. - The wholesale sale of firewood of the company covers needs throughout Greece and Cyprus. In 1999, when his sons, Dimitris, Nikos and Charalambos, joined the business, the business became a family business, making a leap forward and expanding its activity to the sale of poles to public companies (PPC and OTE). Since 2007 it operates as a Societe Anonyme with the name "ISAAKIDIS SA". In 2009 the company "ISAKIDIS SA" having behind it a successful course of 30 years and with the restless spirit that distinguishes them, expanded and is active until today in the trade of building timber. - Roof timber - Building timber - Composite wood - Impregnated wood It deals with all types of raw wood which is supplied from all over Greece, it owns 15 trucks, 7 cranes as well as a mobile peeling unit, an autonomous log grinding unit and an autonomous firewood cutting unit. In 2015 the company '' ISAAKIDIS SA '' puts into operation Timber Sawmill, Timber Impregnator and Timber Crusher in their new facilities of 50,000 sq.m. in the 2nd km of Kalampaki, Ftelia. With all the means at its disposal, it can and does directly serve all the customers it has in Greece and Abroad. Exports round pine timber and PPC poles. in many countries as the consistency of the company and the quality of the wood it provides, ranks it among the first choices of its partners. It also deals with special wood constructions: Panties Constructions for beaches Kiosks - Pergolas Fences - Recreation areas Wooden houses Piles for supports With appreciation: '' ISAAKIDIS SA '' columns wooden drama, columns wooden nationwide, columns wooden macedonia, wooden columns serres, wooden columns thessalini, round wood drama, round wood serres, round wood, dragon, commercial, round thessaloniki, timber trade macedonia, timber trade nationwide, pens dei drama, pens dei serres, pens dei thessaloniki, pens dei macedonia, pens dei panhelladika, sawn wood drama, sawdust wood, sawdust wood, saw impregnated wood drama, impregnated wood serres, impregnated wood thessaloniki, impregnated wood macedonia, impregnated wood panhelladika, raw wood drama, raw wood serres, raw wood manufactured, raw wood thessaloniki, raw, special constructions kefes wood thessaloniki, special structures wood Macedonia, special structures wood nationwide firewood drama, firewood Kavala, firewood Serres, firewood thessaloniki, firewood Macedonia, firewood nationwide sawmill drama, sawmill Serres, sawmill thessaloniki, sawmill MACEDONIA sawmill nationwide sawmill timber drama , serres sawmill, sawmill thessaloniki, sawmill macedonia, sawmill nationwide, building timber drama, building timber serres, building timber thessaloniki, building timber macedonia, building timber

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    2nd km of Kalampaki - Ftelia - Drama
  • Timber Trade - Papadopoulos Gerasimos - Chestnut Timber - Beech - Firewood - Wooden Piles - Rabote - Neo Rysio Thessaloniki

      Papadopoulos Gerasimos Timber Trade - Chestnut Timber - Beech - Firewood - Wooden Piles - Rabote - Neo Rysio Thessaloniki Papadopoulos Gerasimos's company has been active in the trade of timber and its by-products for several years, covering the needs of wholesale and retail customers, as well as sending goods with special crane vehicles for the transport of materials. The company of Papadopoulos Gerasimos has a wide range of building timber, furniture wood, such as: Building concrete board, Betoform, Elatakia, Furniture, Composite Knitted, Pelekita. In the context of the continuous expansion and improvement of the services offered, the company has invested in modern surface cutting machines. The goal of the company is the immediate service of our customers by providing quality products and specialized services at really competitive prices.                 We undertake: - Wood Chipper Processing - Impregnation & Painting of Wood - Study & Roof Plan - Decorative Wood Constructions - Ideas and Solutions Also, the company of Papadopoulos Gerasimos has a wide range of tiled roofing materials and accessories, such as: Home and Import Tiles, Metal Components, Roof Stairs, Gutters & Insulating Materials.                     CONTACT US  

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    Floka 5, Neo Rysio - Thessaloniki

      TOP WOOD | Wood Trading - Magoula Attica   TOP WOOD is based in Magoula, Attica, at Rema, where it has been active for many years in the wood and its products business. By maintaining excellent partnerships with the largest companies in the field, we are selling a wide range of timber products that we advance through our know-how and equipment to your own data and needs. In our contemporary area you will find melamines, coated surfaces, cladding, doors and row materials, all with a guarantee of quality and durability in every construction. Our investment in the right equipment allows cuttings that will facilitate to a great extend the use and processing of wood. Contact TOP WOOD specialists to advise you in the most detailed way about any relevant issue. We are at your disposal at +30 2105553170.      

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    Dimitriou Rigou 26 - Magoula
    6976920809 (Γιάννης Κελεσίδης), 6995914271 (Κωνσταντίνος Κελεσίδης)
  • Trepeklis - Wooden Pallets Chalkida Evia - Wooden Boxes Chalkida

    Pallets - Wood Boxes, Agios Nikolaos Evia.

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    D. Trepekli - Agios Nicolaos - Chalkida
  • Wood Trade Trikala - Alimandras Konstantinos - Wood Processing

    The Wood Trade & Processing Company headed by Alimandras Konstantinos is based in Trikala and has been active in the field of wholesale and retail trade of timber for many years. Many years of experience combined with modern equipment and well-trained staff, have placed our business high in the preferences of our customers in Trikala and throughout Thessaly. Our cooperation with leading companies in the market ensures excellent quality materials, always at the most affordable prices. In our space you will find hard and soft solid wood, composite as well as industrial wood suitable for furniture, decoration, construction use and all types of carpentry. In us you will also find doors and counters for the kitchen, interior doors, closets as well as indoor and outdoor floors.

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    6th km Trikala - Pyli National Road - Trikala

    MALAVAKIS company was founded in 1989 by the businessman Ioannis Malavakis. Mr. Malavakis being a graduate of Forestry but also of the Industrial School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, wanting to capitalize on the knowledge and experience acquired through his studies, but also taking advantage of the need to provide products and services in accordance with the highest European standards, he decided to found the Company. Being one of the most innovative units in the market, the company started its activity in the field of import and trade of timber construction. Recognizing not only the high quality standard that characterizes the company's products but also the high level of service, partners, friends and customers were made directly enabling the company to become one of the fastest growing and recognizable companies in the sector. Today, having Mr. Malavakis George as responsible manager and Mrs. Elisabeth Kaliva as responsible for organization, administration and sales, Malavakis company continues its activity in the field of Import and Trading Timber employing 5 people as staff, serving one of the largest networks of customers and partners. Furthermore, Mr. George Malavakis in collaboration with Mrs. Elisabeth Kaliva, with the experience of his father and the appetite for the future as guarantee, along with the knowledge and expertise that characterizes them, they decided to expand the company's activities, offering fireplaces, boilers and pellet burners, always in collaboration with major foreign companies (RAVELLI) and internal (GMG), as well as barbecue.

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