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    Open: (last update October 29, 2014) Monday-Sunday: 9:00 - 16:00   The Museum is closed on 25 and 26 December, 1 January, 25 March, 1 May and Easter Sunday.   *For more information and confirmation of opening hours, you may call on +30 2313310201.   Tickets: Full: €6, Reduced: €3 Special ticket package: Full: €8, Reduced: €4 Valid for: Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture   The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is a state museum of the Ministry of Culture and has been an autonomous unit since 2001. It has been housed in a building, designed by architect Patroklos Karantinos since 1962 and it has been designated as a listed monument of modern heritage, as it is one of the most representative examples of architectural modernism in Greece. Its collections include artifacts and assemblages from excavations conducted since 1912 by the Greek Antiquities Service throughout Macedonia. The museum also houses objects that used to be part of private collections and were later donated to it.   The Museum's exhibition proposal comprises of seven units, through which the visitors come in contact with the world of ancient Macedonia, its culture and its people:   1. Prehistoric Macedonia 2. Towards the Birth of Cities 3. Macedonia form the 7th c. BC until the late antiquity 4. Thessaloniki, Metropolis of Macedonia 5. The Gold of Macedon 6. Field-House-Garden -Grave 7. Macedonia: from fragments to pixels

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    6, Manoli Andronikou Str. - Thessaloniki

    Open: Daily except Thursday: 9.00-15.30 Wednesday: 9.00-21.30   Tickets: Full: 2 € Reduced: 1 €   The collections of L.E.M.M.-Th (donations and purchases) currently include more than 20,000 objects, mainly from Macedonia and Thrace: local costumes and jewelery, embroideries, tools and utensils of any material, furniture , folk musical instruments, figures and scenery of shadow theater, tangible examples from everyday life of the people.

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    68, Vasilissis Olgas Ave. - Thessaloniki

    Open: Winter: From the 1st of November until the 31 of March: 08:30-15:00 The Center includes a specialized library with works on history and linquistics, and studies on the folk culture of the Jews of Greece. There is also an audio-cassete and record library with popular and folk songs of the Greek Jews, as well as a permanent exhibition of 300 photographs and maps of the period 1880-1943, on the life of the Jews of Thessaloniki. In a small wing of the museum are exhibited ritual objects, traditional costumes, old Jewish newspapers and publications.

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    26, Vas. Irakliou Str. - Thessaloniki
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    Vas. Olgas 68 - Thessaloniki
    2310889840 , 889855

    Open: Winter (November 1st-March 31st): 8.30-15.00   At present the MMCA's permanent collection comprises 1,800 works by Greek and foreign artists, it is constantly being augmented by gifts from collectors, artists, gallery owners, and private individuals and constantly presented in the museum' s new wing. Major donors are, first and foremost, Alexandros Iolas, followed by Franz Geierhaas, Magda Kotzia, Alexandros and Dorothy Xydis, Georgios Aperghis, and Natalia, Angeliki, and Xenis Sahinis.   Apart from the permanent display, the MMCA has mounted over 100 exhibitions of works by Greek and foreign artists: retrospectives of the work of Tsarouchis, Tsoclis, Kontoglou, Chatzikyriakou-Gika, Kokkinidis, Fassianos, Spyropoulos, Psychopaidis, Pavlos, Kessanlis, Akrithakis, Warhol, Katzourakis, and Perdikidis have been held for the first time in Greece; and other exhibitions have been devoted to the works of Fluxus, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Matta, Viallat, Beuys, Uecker, Greenaway, Hockney, Ernst, Barlach, Beckmann, Zervos, Kaniaris, Varotsos, Taki, Molfessis, Lazongas, Papadimitriou, Antonakos, Zongolopoulos, Mytaras, Triandafyllou, Ekonomopoulos, Alithinos, Theodoulos, and many other artists. The MMCA has published more than fifty bilingual catalogues to accompany solo and group exhibitions.  

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    154, Egnatia Str. (on the grounds of Thessaloniki International Fair) - Thessaloniki

    Open: Tuesday-Friday 09.00-14.00 Saturday 10.00-14.00   Tickets: Full: 2 € Reduced: 1 €   Exhibition Units: -1st Section: From the national revolution of 1821 to the Revolution of 1903 Illinten a) Halkidiki Revolution 1821, b) Naoussa Revolution 1822, c) Revolution of 1854, d) Exarchate e) Revolution Litohoro 1878 f) Berlin Conference, g) Clerical and educational competition between Greeks and Bulgarians in Macedonia. -2nd Section: Beginning of the armed Macedonian Struggle a) Revolution Illinten b) Greek reaction, c) inputs of Pavlos Melas in Macedonia d) the role of consulates, e) the role of bishops, f) Indigenous chieftains g) Cretan arrival and Mani Macedonian. -3rd Section: The offer of civilians a) Unions, b) Teacher-teacher-student, c) Struggle Committees in towns and villages, d) Secret organization Thessaloniki e) Simple clerics and monks. -4 Section: The special role of the Consulate of Thessaloniki Reconstruction of the office of the Consul Lambros Koromila -5 Section: Armed Macedonian Struggle.  

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    23, Proxenou Koromila Str. - Thessaloniki

    Open: Daily 08.00-20.00   Tickets: Full: €4, Reduced: €2 Special ticket package: Full: €8, Reduced: €4 Valid for: Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture   The Museum of Byzantine Culture, one of the most modern museums in Greece, offers a comprehensive picture of the Byzantine culture through original exhibitions and its multifaceted activity. Its purpose is to collect, protect, study and display works of art and objects which chronologically cover the early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine period. The works being stored and displayed in the spaces come from the geographical area of Macedonia and particularly from Thessaloniki, the most important center of the European part of the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople.   The museum collections include sculptures, mosaics, frescoes, icons coins, inscriptions, pottery, manuscripts, miniature objects and glass.  

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    2, Stratou Ave. - Thessaloniki

    Open: Monday:closed Tuesday-Thusrday: 08.00-15.00 Friday: 08.00-13.30 & 19.00-22.00 Saturday-Sunday: 07.30-14.30   The crypt of Aghios Demetrios has been an archaeological site since its discovery in 1918. After 1950, some of the sculptures that survived the great fire of 1917, were transfered by S. Palakanides in the area of the fountain in an effort to remodel the whole place. In the years 1985-1988, excavations were conducted in the north part of the Crypt, and its remains were restored. An exhibition was organized, including the excavation finds as well as the antiquities that were rescued from the catastrophic fire.   A pamphlet on the exhibition has already been published, but a proper guide book to the museum is now in preparation.   The museum contains early Christian sculptures of the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries found in the church, Byzantine sculpture from the church, dated to the 11th-14th centuries, and various excavation finds (coins, pottery), dated to the 5th-14th centuries.  

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    Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki

    Open: Monday to Wednesday: 09.00-15.00 Thursday: 09.00-16.00 Friday: 09.00- 22.00   Tickets: Full: 2 € Reduced: 1 €   According to its charter, the Thessaloniki Museum of Cinema exists to collect, preserve and display cinematographic artefacts in Greece. For that purpose, the museum organizes educational and research programs in collaboration with others museums to study and document any artefacts in some way related to cinema.

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    Warehouse A, Pier A - Thessaloniki

    Open: 08.00-14.00   For organized school visits, call 2310514029.   The Water Supply Museum is a museum in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece. It is located in the Sfageion area near the city’s western entry point. The museum began operating in February 2001. It is housed in the historical building known as the Old Pump House belonging to the Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewage Company (EYATh). This building was constructed between 1890 and 1892 by a Belgian company, as part of the campaign to modernize Thessaloniki, along with other construction projects like the railways and the gasworks, and later on the electricity company and the tram network.   The museum aims to inform the public about the history of supplying water to Thessaloniki, to demonstrate the various stages in supplying a city with water, from water catchment to water consumption, and make the public aware of issues like reducing water wastage, so that they develop environmental sensitivities, especially as far as protecting the environment and water resources is concerned.  

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    19, 26th OCTOVRIOU Str. - Thessaloniki

    Open: Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00 Closed Mondays and bank holidays.   Maximum visitor capacity: 70 persons   The White Tower of Thessaloniki is a monument and museum on the waterfront of the city of Thessaloniki, capital of the region of Macedonia in northern Greece. The present tower replaced an old Byzantine fortification which was mentioned around the 12th century and reconstructed by the Ottomans to fortify the city's harbour; it became a notorious prison and scene of mass executions during the period of Ottoman rule. It was substantially remodeled and its exterior was whitewashed after Greece gained control of the city in 1912. It has been adopted as the symbol of the city.

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    NIkis Avenue - Thessaloniki